By: Ella Curcuruto
Located in University City, the Kirkbride Center is Back on My Feet’s only partnering inpatient recovery facility. The mission of the Kirkbride Center is to “help patients, their families and their friends realize a fresh start for a new tomorrow in an environment that promotes recovery,” and to “bring quality care to our neighbors in Greater Philadelphia regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.”

Inpatient recovery facilities are dedicated to helping those who are recovering from drug/alcohol addiction. They provide intensive care and 24-hour supervision, along with specific programs that aid in the patient’s recovery. The programs differ from other shelter facilities because they are focused on substance abuse rehabilitation.

Kirkbride provides addiction treatment services as well as psychiatric services. The services provided to Kirkbride’s residents include the following:

An important note about Opioid Addiction Treatment and Back on My Feet. (Courtesy of Angie, our Member’s Service Manager.): “Our members at Kirkbride are part of the Intensive Outpatient Program, so they’re all going through an active form of recovery. So our recruitment is different when it comes to Kirkbride versus our shelters because the referrals are coming from the counselors that work with the potential members…the recovery process looks different for everyone, so if you send us a referral for someone who may not be that far into recovery, they might not be successful in our program, because it’s another element added to their recovery process. The potential for the process to look different for everyone [is one of the barriers] and the engagement looks different for different people.”

Kirkbride also provides a Psychiatric Services Unit, but Back on My Feet does not partner with this unit or individuals taking advantage of these services. If you are interested in learning more about the psychiatric program, please visit their website.

Back on My Feet is proud to partner with the Kirkbride Center, and we have seen several recent alumni maintain active involvement in our program. One of the most inspiring partnerships we have seen at Back on My Feet has been between our program and the Porchlight Initiative. The Porchlight Initiative focuses on bringing communities together and instilling healing through art. A mural was created in honor of/inspired by Kirkbride, titled The Only Way Out Is Through. BoMF volunteer, Olivia, says of the mural: “It wasn’t especially momentous; it was just a beautiful affirmation of the energy and love we’re bringing to our morning runs.” To see a picture of the mural, go visit this website.

An alumnus of BoMF’s program and former resident of the Kirkbride center says: “I realized that I needed to be a part of something. I think it’s an important part of recovery. I think a lot of people realize that it’s difficult to do on your own and being around something positive helps.”