November 16, 2018

Volunteer Story: Sarah from Capital One

To Back on My Feet volunteer, Sarah, being surrounded by a strong community was something that she’d been used to her whole life. Growing up in the DC area and going to school not too far away in Virginia, she loved having the support of her family and longtime friends. When she took a job in New York City with Capital One, while excited for her next adventure, she was concerned about was how she would find a community in the big city. Luckily for Sarah, Capital One not only provided her support but helped point her in the direction of ways she could build her own community and meet others wanting to do the same thing. Sarah asked how to get involved with the surrounding community and a coworker suggested Back on My Feet. As she read more about our organization she realized it was a perfect fit. It combined her passion for serving others with this new running hobby she’d been picking up. “Joining Back on My Feet was one of the first things I did when I got to the city!” She quickly realized Back on My Feet was exactly the community she was looking for. “The Back on My Feet community isn’t only important for members, but volunteers too! Back on My Feet allowed me to thrive in New York. I find purpose and meaning in being a part of this community and organization.”

Sarah is especially thankful for her Back on My Feet teammates being in such an enormous city. “There is always so much going on, distractions surround us everywhere and it can make interactions less meaningful. It’s easy to get distracted by your own to do list and let it become your whole world. Volunteering with Back on My Feet opens your mind to the world and lives of others!” Sarah thinks it’s pretty amazing that there are people who make her excited about waking up at 7am on a Saturday to run for a few hours.

These people, her Back on My Feet teammates, don’t just inspire her to wake up and run a few miles, but in fact motivated her to run the 2018 TCS NYC Marathon for BoMF! Sarah knew that if her teammates were going to be training with her and running by her side on race day, that she could cross that finish line! Some of Sarah’s favorite Back on My Feet memories come from the marathon training runs. She remembers spending three hours one Saturday morning, running with a BoMF member and how real and easy their conversation was. “Running is an equalizer, we were able to connect on so many levels you wouldn’t have ever known the differences we’ve had in our lives or even our age difference.” As Sarah has built meaningful relationships through running, she’s seen the members she runs with meet milestones off the race course as well, from gaining certification for future employment to moving into an apartment of their own, when one teammate wins at Back on My Feet, it’s a celebration for all!

Sarah has often shared her Back on My Feet experiences with her coworkers and when Capital One and BoMF NYC partnered up for the first time she was ecstatic! “To bring Back on My Feet into my workplace is amazing. I feel like I am bridging my two worlds and love being able to talk about the program with my coworkers.”

Sarah was recently nominated for Capital One’s Volunteer of the Year award, something she humbly acknowledges.

Back on My Feet feels like a normal part of my day, it is what brings me the most joy and purpose. Finding ways to give back is a passion of mine so I am honored and excited.”

Sarah is so thankful to work for a company with values that align with hers. “Being a part of a company that values giving back makes work so much more motivating.”

Sarah we are so thankful to have you in our circle and are so proud of this incredible nomination!

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