March 26, 2019

How one volunteer found purpose through running

Jimmy, a volunteer with Team Time Square in New York City, didn’t know it yet but this is the message that would eventually lead him to Back on My Feet:

Find something you’re good at and go help someone.

Running as a passion

Jimmy started running after making a major career change several years ago. Previously, he worked in investment banking and easily found himself in the office up to 100 hours a week. After starting a new job, he realized how much more free time he had. So, he figured he might as well start running! At first, he simply ran on weeknights for exercise and signed up for a 5K race just for fun.

Now years later, Jimmy has run 23 marathons and counting. He truly feels like he found the thing he is good at. The thing he can use it to help others and himself along the way.


Finding Back on My Feet

When Jimmy ran the TCS NYC Marathon in 2017, he noticed Back on My Feet signs and logos on runners’ shirts. That prompted him to look up the organization online and sign up for a volunteer orientation to learn more. After orientation and learning that he’d be running with a team of veterans like himself, he knew it was meant to be.

“This is a hard organization to join in the winter… but worth it!”

Jimmy quickly realized what he signed up for: running in cold, winter elements before the sun even rises. But in just an hour’s time, that didn’t seem to matter. After his first run with his new Back on My Feet teammates, he knew it was worth all the snow, rain and wind winter could bring. That’s the superpower of a Back on My Feet morning run.


Why Jimmy continues to volunteer

Jimmy has been volunteering with Back on My Feet for over a year and values the relationships he has built. From sprinting to the finish of morning runs with members to reuniting with alumni during weekend training runs, these memories always bring a smile to Jimmy’s face. They remind him why he joined Back on My Feet in the first place. “It’s fun to see familiar faces, whether their fellow BoMFers who run with other teams in the city or alumni members who are now living on their own and may not be able to make it to the morning runs anymore. These weekend runs are more than an extra workout, but a reunion!”

Recently Jimmy stepped up as a team leader for morning runs. “I’m not usually the person to raise my hand, but after getting to know my team it just felt like the natural thing to do. I wanted a way to do a little more!”

Jimmy is a positive force in the early morning for his teammates and his leadership has already left a lasting impact. Back on My Feet is lucky to have volunteers like Jimmy in our circle. We are so grateful for his incredible support and leadership.


Make an impact in someone else’s life by joining a Back on My Feet team near you! 

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