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Creative Volunteering Opportunities Beyond the Circle Up

Volunteer headshots and fun fact about volunteering opportunities with Back on My Feet: there are over 30 ways to volunteer with us!

Did you know there are over 30 volunteering opportunities with us? How about the fact that you can volunteer from anywhere in the world? It’s true! We have remote volunteers as far away as South America lending us their time and talent to help out by doing needed research, identifying job opportunities, and so much more. Read more about their experiences on our blog.

Volunteering Opportunities with Back on My Feet

This month we’ve been highlighting some of the most common roles we offer for volunteering with Back on My Feet, including:

Circle Up Volunteer

Walk or run with our members, engaging in a goal-oriented, shared activity that promotes wellness, accountability, and achievement.

Next Steps Mentor

Guide, assist, and train members during the next steps of their journey. From becoming a Next Steps Mentor to teaching a workshop in your field of expertise, your skills can be a huge asset to our members.

Community Ambassador

Engage with the communities we live in to help further the mission of Back on My Feet. Help spread the word at local gatherings, take pictures and videos at events to post on social media, help run a booth at a local race, and create meaningful events for our volunteers and members.

Administrative Volunteer

Help with data entry, populate our job board to assist member job searches, support the newsletter, and more. Use your organizational skills to support staff in making a greater impact!

Fundraising Volunteer

If fundraising is your specialty, use your skills to help raise money for the organization that supports our members through their journey back to self-sufficiency.

Internships & Education

Back on My Feet is dedicated to shaping our future. Internships are a great way to get involved and get hands-on experience working with people. If you are looking for a more project-based experience, ask about our fellowships.

And Even More!

But that only scratches the surface! No matter what your talents, interests, location, or time constraints, there are ways you can help our members on their journey to overcome homelessness. If you know anyone who’s interested in helping disrupt homelessness but hasn’t been sure how to help, share volunteering opportunities with Back on My Feet!

How to Share Volunteering Opportunities

Choose one or more of the ways to share about the volunteer opportunity from the list below:

  1. Attend an upcoming new volunteer orientation, share why you volunteer, and encourage others to join our community. Sign up here!
  2. Wearing a shirt from the volunteer gear store can be a fun way to start a conversation about volunteering with us. Plus, the QR code on the back makes it super easy for folks to join!
  3. Allow us to share your story with hundreds of potential new volunteers via social media by filling out our story form or scheduling a 15-minute interview with our creative department to record and share your story!
  4. Use this flyer to ask if the information can be shared on your job’s internal volunteer opportunity portal.
  5. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. Then, when you see a Back on My Feet post come across your social media, like it and repost! You can also use that reposting as a way to share your commitment to all the ways you volunteer with us.
  6. Post this video to your social media.
  7. Invite a friend to a Circle Up! Share this flyer with them so they know what to expect!
  8. Keep a few Back on My Feet recruitment cards with you and hand them out if you can. If you don’t have your own stack, ask your local program staff for some.
  9. Share your volunteer experience and our call for volunteers on your own social networks. Here is a cheat sheet!
  10. Share the link to our volunteer page to learn more about how to get involved.


Email volunteerservices@backonmyfeet.org if you have any questions or great suggestions on how we can grow our volunteer community. Thank you for helping to expand our reach, grow our capacity, and make moves that matter.

See how you can combat homelessness with us today.