December 14, 2018

Volunteer Spotlight: John

Volunteer Spotlight: John W.


BoMF is _____

To encompass all the light within his experience, John shared “BoMF is a life changing organization for both members and volunteers,”.

Why did you start BoMF?

 In January of 2017, John began his journey half a mile from his home with Team South Philly. He learned about BoMF from an article in the newspaper and was struck by the mission. He knew he had to start because his chance was then.

 More importantly, why have you stayed?

 To John, “BoMF feels right,” from all the connections he has built. The mutual impact on both the volunteers and members lives brings John back. He questioned, “how do you not come back?”

 What is a memory that made your heart expand through your experience as a volunteer?

 Throughout his two years, John has built powerful relationships with members. He reminisced about the journey of one member. Over time, this member slowly began to open up. His greetings went from silence, to a nod, to a hello, and finally; a hug.

 What do you do for a living? 

 John is an investment consultant who organizes retirement funds.

 What part of BoMF have you carried into your career?

 BoMF has moved John to hold a balanced perspective. He has witnessed people fight for themselves every day. He transferred this empathy to his career. A retirement fund is how people fight to exist for years. The significance of his work has heightened because of Back on My Feet.

 Why join this community?

Joining the Back on My Feet community bring a “sense of purpose,” to John. This purpose roots in the friendships that are held between members, volunteers, and staff. The camaraderie carries him back to the morning runs. John’s last remark was that the purpose is in “your life and the lives of others,” when you’re a part of BoMF.

John’s continued patience, energy, and support defines unconditional care. BoMF is sustained through the three and what a blessing is it that John holds each.

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