When Cigna presented the opportunity for one of our members to fly to Florida and run the Disney 5K we knew that it would be a tough decision with SO MANY amazing members and teammates. Cigna, one of our National and local sponsors provided us not only with an opportunity for a teammate to experience something like never before, but a way to give back to them and speak to the quality of partners they are. We knew we wanted to identify an alumnus as they are further along in their recovery and would be an amazing way to thank one of them for all they do to give back.

In Baltimore in 2017, Cigna sponsored quarterly health and wellness workshops for our Alumni Association. The workshops focused on health, stress reduction, physical activity, nutrition, and mental health. Tony, age 57, not only benefited from these workshops but was one of the most engaged participants.

As someone who is aging, Tony is serious about his health. Tony said, “I don’t like going to the doctors. So, knowing that I had [access to] workshops on health and a place where health professionals quarterly to take my blood pressure, BMI, and ask questions was something that was awesome for me.” Tony always came with questions and knew that not only is health important, but is something he needs to keep up in order to continue running his own landscaping business and to continue to run with Back on My Feet, an important tool of his recovery.

Tony was chosen to run the Disney 5K for his commitment to Back on My Feet, his demonstration of engagement with the Cigna Alumni Association, and his Back on My Feet for Life attitude. Tony is Back on My Feet for life and you can count on him to be at every race, every meeting, and even the majority of the 5:30AM runs. Tony pays it forward as he not only mentors newer teammates, but plans to give $1 of every lawn/ project to BoMF in 2018.

Tony shares, “Life is great! Back on My Feet showed me I can do anything, and they gave me the confidence to do it. I moved back in with my Mom, and where I used to do drugs now I run my landscaping business. I call it getting a raise- I’m not wasting my money on drugs! The confidence BoMF has given me makes me a much better man and father, and I’ve gone from being someone you didn’t want around, to now being the Fred Sanford of the family- whatever you need, call Tony and he’ll help you out. I’ve run several races with my youngest son, and I’ve completed 8 courses including the Baltimore half and some shorter races. Without the help of Cigna and BoMF, I don’t know where I’d be.”

We are excited for Tony to have this opportunity as he has given so much back to us. Unfortunately, Tony’s two grandchildren had a last minute cancellation, but based off his response and excitement, we know he will enjoy it JUST the same and it is well deserved.

Want to know more? Read the Press Release put out by Back on My Feet & Cigna!