If you’ve lost someone, then you know the dark places grief can take you. Ned grew up in a loving family, the middle of five children. He had early brushes with depression and alcohol, but he was on a good path, studying engineering at college. Until his older brother – his basketball partner and hero – died in a car accident.

Ned turned to alcohol, and quickly his life went completely off course.  Eventually, Ned found himself hospitalized and then homeless, with no family left to support him. Summoning any strength he had left, Ned sought help and made it to a treatment facility. There, he joined Back on My Feet and began to heal.

The Back on My Feet community provided him with the positive energy he needed. Running challenged him, pushing him to set bigger goals. In Next Steps, Back on My Feet helped Ned find employment, learn to budget and finally go back to school.

I realized if I could train for a 5k, 10k, half and full marathon, I could achieve anything…I could feel the success I was having with the Back on My Feet program translate into success in my life.  — Ned 

In addition to getting back on track with school and work, this year Ned finished two marathons (both under four hours!) and has reunited with his family.

With your support, Ned is becoming the person he was always meant to be. A gift to Back on My Feet this holiday season is an investment in brighter futures for others.

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