In honor of Back on My Feet Baltimore’s 10th birthday, we are featuring 10 unique stories leading up to the big day. Today, we have our Program Director, Marybeth M.!

Marybeth has been a part of the Back on My Feet family for 6 years now, starting as a volunteer in 2013 at Team Christopher Place and ultimately becoming our fierce Program Director three years ago. Marybeth has left her mark on our chapter and has grown our program to be the biggest of Back on My Feet’s 12 chapters nationwide! We are excited to feature her and be proud of her today and every day!

  1. Why continue your journey with Back on My Feet? What keeps you coming back? My teammates—members/alumni/volunteer/staff keep me coming back every morning. A sacred space is created in the early morning hours where a group of people come together despite one’s background, stereotypes, and assumptions and everyone is wholeheartedly committed to each other’s wins and success…it’s not about “me” or “them,” but about “us”. When I am personally doing well, or when my anxiety is high, or whatever the case may be, I know the best place for me to be is in that 5:30 AM circle. A circle where people are built up instead of broken down, where one is valued, seen, and heard and where I have found family and the transformative power of 1 mile.
  2. Tell us about your favorite BoMF story? Oh man, I can’t pick just one there have been so many special moments throughout the years. Honestly, any time when all 5 teams are together, like the upcoming 10th Birthday or an all chapter run, where you can see how many people are involved, how many success stories there are and how many people are currently putting one foot in front of the other despite the odds is inspiring. I tell new members during orientation that “They are becoming part of something bigger than they know”—this piece—how big it is, how beautiful it is, how impactful BoMF is for such a large and diverse group of people is my favorite.
  3. Back on My Feet Baltimore is blowing out the 10 candles on our birthday cake. What would be your birthday wish for us? My wish for BoMF is to continue to create space where the transformative power of 1 mile is felt in big ways—where teammates are moving toward goals, employment and new lives, and where no one ever runs alone.
  4. In honor of our birthday, what has been your favorite birthday gift of all time? Not being a Baltimore native, one year for my birthday my husband Chris and I rode the water taxis all day to different sites around the harbor including brunch and ice cream. I was really pumped to ride the water taxis!

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