In honor of Back on My Feet Baltimore’s 10th birthday, we are featuring 10 unique stories leading up to the big day. Today, we gave Alice Z – the Chair of our Young Professionals Board

After finding out about Back on My Feet and joining our Sneaks Come Out at Night race in 2015 with her company, Alice was hooked. She would say that “Back on My Feet is stuck with [her],” but truthfully, Alice is stuck with us. She continues to bring so much joy, innovation, determination, and passion not only to her company but to our Young Professionals Board (YPB) and beyond. We could not be prouder to feature her Q&A as one of our 10 stories!


  1. Why continue your journey with Back on My Feet? The people, our teammates, our members. Back on My Feet provides a community and that’s really cool. I also love ice cream and that seems to be one thing that ALWAYS bring BOMF people running, literally.
  2. Tell us about your favorite BoMF story? We had a Tuesday night run last summer, hosted by the YPB to kick off the Sneaks race, and I saw more new faces that evening than I had in weeks! Now I see those faces in the circle all the time. That is the beautiful thing about BoMF, it speaks for itself and people continue to show up.
  3. Back on My Feet Baltimore is blowing out the 10 candles on our birthday cake. What would be your birthday wish for us? Keeping running, everyday! And cupcakes… Lots of cupcakes. Also, that more people join our circle. It is growing every day and I promise you will be glad you came.
  4. In honor of our birthday, what has been your favorite birthday gift of all time? My parents got me a bracelet for my 16th birthday, we had dinner at my favorite place, just family. I still wear the bracelet every day, but it is a perfect reminder of family and that is all I ever want for my birthday,

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