In honor of Back on My Feet Baltimore’s 10th birthday, we are featuring 10 unique stories leading up to the big day. Today, we have the inspiring, sarcastic, and best teammate around: Adam T.

Adam is a Helping Up Mission Graduate and a Back on My Feet Senior Member + Intern. He joined our team in October of 2017 and hasn’t looked back. His story is powerful and the love he has for his daughter radiates every conversation. We are so proud of Adam and his accomplishments, and we are honored to have a Q&A with him for our tenth birthday!

  1. Why continue your journey with Back on My Feet? What keeps you coming back? The BoMF mission, as well as the dedication and consistency of staff and volunteers, helps members like me to realize his/her potential as human beings. For years and in some cases lifetimes, we have been treated less than human on the streets, in shelters, correctional facilities, and various institutions. Back on My Feet goes the extra mile (see what I did there?) to make members realize we are equal to others, regardless of our pasts. BoMF literally runs by our side and helps us to overcome the physical obstacles of running, which we can apply to the obstacles we will face in our lives.
  2. Tell us about your favorite BoMF story? My favorite moment was running the Rock Your Socks race with my daughter. She had been asking me for months if she could run a race with me. Back on My Feet was able to get her a bib and we ran it together. I’ll never forget running by her side and hearing BoMF volunteers cheer her name as we ran by, which put a huge smile on her face and gave her a burst of energy. We ran a total of 1.5 miles and knowing I had run a half marathon, she kept asking me “Daddy, how much farther is 13 miles?”

    There was also a funny morning run I will never forget. Another member had just recently got false teeth and was not used to them yet. At some while running, we realized he had disappeared. We turned around to get him because no one runs alone and found him searching the ground. He had been breathing heavy and his teeth popped out. So, we organized a search party and covered our tracks and eventually found his teeth. 😀

  3. Back on My Feet Baltimore is blowing out the 10 candles on our birthday cake. What would be your birthday wish for us? Everyone knows if you tell anyone the wish, it won’t come true. But really, my wish would be that every member who has gone to school or work could be excused from class or their job to come run with us. Seeing my peers move on is always bittersweet.
  4. In honor of our birthday, what has been your favorite birthday gift of all time? When I was eight, my parents got me a Hardy Boys book series that was just released at the time. I thought I had read all the Hardy Boys adventure books, so I cried when I realized a new series was released!


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