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The Back on My Feet community is made up of members, volunteers, FundRacers, donors, partners, and more, coming together to achieve remarkable things. These are their stories.

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Alumni Stories
From Sleeping on the Subway to Attending Law School: Tyrena's Story
“Although it takes time, the key is persistence. The key is to keep going. I think I’ve taken that resilience...
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From Addiction and Despair to Ultramarathon Glory: The Inspiring Journey of US Army Veteran Shawn
"Back on My Feet not only gave me the community and physical activity I so desperately needed, but I...
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Luis's Inspiring Journey of Redemption and Love with Back on My Feet: From Injured Veteran to Running Mentor
"With Back on My Feet's help and support, I interviewed for the job feeling confident because of the...
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Volunteer Stories
FundRacer Stories
Great Big Story
Helping to End Homelessness Through Running
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The New York Post
Former homeless addict’s new drug: Running the NYC Marathon
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Press Release: Back on My Feet Receives Grant from Endless Pools
$15,000 in grant funds from Masco’s Million Differences campaign will support fighting homelessness in...
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