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The Back on My Feet community is made up of members, volunteers, FundRacers, donors, partners, and more, coming together to achieve remarkable things. These are their stories.

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Back on My Feet in New York City putting hands in for the Back on My Feet cheer

Unveiling the New Back on My Feet Brand

At Back on My Feet, we’ve always believed in the power of transformation, and now, we’re excited to unveil a new brand that truly reflects the strength and resilience of our members. We’ve embarked on a journey to refresh our look, moving away from the old navy blue and foot icon to something bold and modern. Our reason for this change was simple: we wanted a visual identity that represented our members while also showcasing the innovation of our program, where fitness becomes a powerful tool in the fight against homelessness, addiction, and poverty. After much consideration, our designers crafted a logo that speaks volumes about the journey our members undertake. The double-line B symbolizes the path they walk with us, each step a testament to their commitment and determination. Just like a road, our program offers guidance and structure, but it’s the hard work and perseverance of our members that propel them forward, overcoming obstacles and regaining control of their lives. In our new brand, you’ll notice a simple palette of red, grey, and tan. Red, in particular, holds significant meaning for us. It represents the unseen struggles and overlooked needs of our members. Through bold colors and a

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Alumni Stories
From Chaos to Regaining a Life: Albert's Journey
"When you're in an addiction, you don't really care about anything. All of the skills you've learned...
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The Power of Dignity & Found Family: Jaime's Story
"People from Back on My Feet text me all the time to see how I’m doing. It’s real family."

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Back on My Feet Alum Fortino
Fortino's Journey to Redemption: How a 4th Chance Sparked Transformation and Hope
“The person suffering from addiction is the person I knew. The person I’ve grown to be is new to me....
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Volunteer Stories
FundRacer Stories
Charity Works: Hoka One One Donates $30,000 to Nonprofit That Combats Homelessness + More News
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HOKA ONE ONE® Partners with BoMF
Leading Performance Footwear Brand HOKA ONE ONE Provides a $30,000 Donation to Back on My Feet this Holiday...
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Homeless Doesn't Have To Mean Hopeless
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