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The Back on My Feet community is made up of members, volunteers, FundRacers, donors, partners, and more, coming together to achieve remarkable things. These are their stories.

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Alumni Stories
From Addiction to Empowerment: Jose's Journey of Recovery and Community
"My whole life I was looking for community and I either couldn’t fit in or it was a community that seemed...
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Ricardo's Journey to Financial Stability: From Student Loans to IT Intern
"My life was very recovery oriented but it often felt like there was still something missing. Joining...
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A Fractured Skull and a Wake Up Call: Jean's Story
"When you go to rehab, you feel like everyone is judging you. But the Back on My Feet volunteers always...
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Volunteer Stories
FundRacer Stories
Runner's World
How These U.S. Running Organizations Are Reaching Underserved Communities
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We Stand with the Black Community
Our steps toward actionable change.
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Press Release: BoMF Receives $1M from Stand Together Foundation
National Foundation invests $1M in Back on My Feet program. Back on My Feet is proud to announce that...
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