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The Back on My Feet community is made up of members, volunteers, FundRacers, donors, partners, and more, coming together to achieve remarkable things. These are their stories.

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Alumni Stories
How Running and Community Helped Martin Turn His Life Around
"Before, I didn't have anything to look forward to, but being with Back on My Feet gave me a better start...
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Phil's Inspiring Story of Hope and Redemption
Phil's accomplishments are remarkable, including running a half marathon and convincing the program to...
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From Extradition to State-Certified Clinician: Shane's Story of Recovery
"Stay consistent, trust the process, and your hard work will pay off. Back on My Feet can give support...
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Volunteer Stories
How Volunteering with Back on My Feet Gave Nate a New Perspective on Homelessness
"It is alarmingly easy to dehumanize people experiencing homelessness or addiction. It is also easy to...
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Luis's Inspiring Journey of Redemption and Love with Back on My Feet: From Injured Veteran to Running Mentor
"With Back on My Feet's help and support, I interviewed for the job feeling confident because of the...
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David's Path to Redemption: Overcoming Addiction and Finding Purpose
"I had nowhere to go but up. Back on My Feet showed me that if you show up and run and communicate with...
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FundRacer Stories
Press Release: Coming Together to Transform the Way We Tackle Homelessness
Accenture partners with Back on my Feet to aid Coloradans experiencing homelessness.
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Press Release: BoMF Utilizes OpenReel™ to Raise Over $200,000
Back on My Feet's partnership with OpenReel™ helped the organization raise over $200,000 funds during...
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