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The Back on My Feet community is made up of members, volunteers, FundRacers, donors, partners, and more, coming together to achieve remarkable things. These are their stories.

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Alumni Stories
From Unmotivated to Aspiring RN: How Kris Pays it Forward
"I got a job working at a hospital as a dietary aide helping everyone from new babies to people getting...
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How Emery Discovered Community and Purpose
"I feel like that's not even a job for me. It's just a way to give back to what was given to me freely."

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From Isolation to Accomplishment: Jamie's Inspiring Journey
"I've recently applied and am interviewing with the Salvation Army shelter as a shelter monitor. I think...
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Volunteer Stories
From Homelessness in Dallas to Paying it Forward in Boston
“The people in life that glow are the people that are always helping someone else. You can see how special...
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Lauren, core team volunteer with Back on My Feet DC
Connection and Relationships: What Lauren Gets Out of Volunteering
"I think the thing that I love most about Back on My Feet is the truly personal connection and relationship...
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Overcoming Addiction Through Healthy Living
"I am diving into healthy living, meaning good sleep, good eating, exercise, volunteer work. I am contributing...
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FundRacer Stories
From Unhoused Veteran to Marathon FundRacer: Eli's Journey
"I want to help as many people as possible through drug and alcohol recovery. As many as I can possibly...
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Selfie of Sekou, Back on My Feet New York FundRacer during marathon
From Stroke Survivor to Marathon Finisher: Sekou's Inspirational Journey of Perseverance and Purpose
"Just decide to do something magnificent for you. It will keep you on the track of seeking the best possible...
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Stacey, Boston Marathon FundRacer for Back on My Feet
Running with Purpose: Stacey's Journey of FundRacing and Community Building
“London was such a special experience and also my fastest marathon. Something about running for something...
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Kim Fields Wins $30,000 on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune
Actress and director Kim Fields went up against Penn Jillette and Kel Mitchelle on Celebrity Wheel of...
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Globetrotters Visit Fort Lauderdale Team
The Harlem Globetrotters joined the Fort Lauderdale Back on My Feet team for a morning run.
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Baltimore Volunteer Featured in GoDaddy Series
Baltimore volunteer, Susan Clayton, is a runner and business owner who was featured in a GoDaddy series...
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Tent village where some people experiencing homelessness in America live
Understanding the Impact of Homelessness in America
Learn how people experiencing homelessness in America are negatively impacted by violence, health issues,...
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A person holding signs that say will work for food and help that demonstrate they've experiencing economic instability and possibly other causes of homelessness
Causes of Homelessness: What You Need to Know
Understanding the causes of homelessness and how we can address them for a stronger and more compassionate...
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Volunteer headshots and fun fact about volunteering opportunities with Back on My Feet: there are over 30 ways to volunteer with us!
Creative Volunteering Opportunities Beyond the Circle Up
See over 30 creative volunteering opportunities to support Back on My Feet's members as they overcome...
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