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Success Stories

Back on My Feet starts with a run, but builds to so much more. The community supports members as they enter into the core of our program, Next Steps, where they can achieve training, education, employment and housing.

Alumni Stories
alumni stories
Resilience Redefined: Aaron's Journey
"When life gets tough, I don't self-destruct anymore. I keep moving, keep pushing forward."

— Aaron, Back on My Feet Indy, Alum
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From Unhoused Veteran to Marathon FundRacer: Eli's Journey
"I want to help as many people as possible through drug and alcohol recovery. As many as I can possibly help. Inspire other people to become the best possible people they can become in the field they're in."

— Eli, Back on My Feet Atlanta, Alum and FundRacer
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How Running and Community Helped Martin Turn His Life Around
"Before, I didn't have anything to look forward to, but being with Back on My Feet gave me a better start to my morning."

— Martin, Back on My Feet Houston, Alum
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Phil's Inspiring Story of Hope and Redemption
Phil's accomplishments are remarkable, including running a half marathon and convincing the program to do a 14er (a hike reaching 14,000 feet above sea level). Reflecting on the experience, Phil said, "Those are memories that will last forever. We've changed the perspectives of lives of many people of things they can do and achieve."

— Phil, Back on My Feet Denver, Alum
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From Extradition to State-Certified Clinician: Shane's Story of Recovery
"Stay consistent, trust the process, and your hard work will pay off. Back on My Feet can give support in many, many different paths to what you want to do."

— Shane, Back on My Feet Denver Alum
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Back on My Feet New York alum Saxon with his dog
Saxon's Inspirational Journey: From Homelessness and Addiction to Hope, Recovery, and Helping Others
"Hang in there long enough for the momentum of Back on My Feet to take hold."

— Saxon, Back on My Feet New York, Alum
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From Addiction to Empowerment: Jose's Journey of Recovery and Community
"My whole life I was looking for community and I either couldn’t fit in or it was a community that seemed good but then led me astray. I really feel like I found Back on My Feet for a reason and now that I have the right community I can keep giving back and helping others."

— Jose, Back on My Feet San Francisco, Alum
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Ricardo's Journey to Financial Stability: From Student Loans to IT Intern
"My life was very recovery oriented but it often felt like there was still something missing. Joining Back on My Feet gave me something to look forward to that just made me feel good about myself and showed me I had potential."

— Ricardo, Back on My Feet Baltimore, Alum
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A Fractured Skull and a Wake Up Call: Jean's Story
"When you go to rehab, you feel like everyone is judging you. But the Back on My Feet volunteers always approach you as a friend."

— Jean, Back on My Feet LA, Alum
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Overcoming Mistrust & Rediscovering Joy with Bobby
"Back on my Feet has given me something that no one can give me. They gave me JOY again."

— Bobby, Back on My Feet Fort Lauderdale, Alum
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Beyond the Darkest Point: Melvin's Story of Perseverance
“The strong foundation and good training from Back on My Feet helped me open more doors than I ever knew I could.”

—Melvin, Back on My Feet Houston, Alumni
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Running Toward a Brighter Future: Bradley's Inspiring Transformation
“I hope that day never comes that I’m not with Back on My Feet.”

— Bradley, Back on My Feet Philadelphia, Alum
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From Homeless to Providing Hope: Mike's Story
"I don't live in anger anymore. I'm more service oriented. I get my rewards for helping other people, whether it's volunteering at the water station, going to Circle Ups as an alumni, and giving back."

— Mike, Back on My Feet Indianapolis, Alum
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From Unmotivated to Aspiring Registered Nurse
"I got a job working at a hospital as a dietary aide helping everyone from new babies to people getting intubated. My job is so rewarding, I'm actually sad when I'm not working."

— Kris, Back on My Feet Boston, Alum
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How Emery Discovered Community and Purpose
"I feel like that's not even a job for me. It's just a way to give back to what was given to me freely."

— Emery, Back on My Feet San Francisco, Alum
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From Isolation to Accomplishment: Jamie's Inspiring Journey
"I've recently applied and am interviewing with the Salvation Army shelter as a shelter monitor. I think it's important to give back. The homelessness situation here is very prevalent and perhaps my lived experience of having been in their situation will be inspiring."

— Jamie, Back on My Feet Seattle, Alum
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Be Like Water & Continue to Flow: Artemas' Journey
"The workshops were tremendous. I was computer illiterate. I didn't know anything. What they taught me at the workshop prepared me to take classes online while I go to school."

— Artemas, Back on My Feet Dallas, Alum
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From Homelessness in Dallas to Paying it Forward in Boston
“The people in life that glow are the people that are always helping someone else. You can see how special they are. I'm trying to be that. But it's not about me being better than anyone else. It's about the people who need the help now that I needed then.”

— Tim, Back on My Feet Alum
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CJ's Transformation Through the Power of Compassion, and Connection
"The schooling to become a counselor taught me that the opposite of addiction is connection."

— CJ, Back on My Feet LA, Alum
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Overcoming Addiction Through Healthy Living
"I am diving into healthy living, meaning good sleep, good eating, exercise, volunteer work. I am contributing to the stream of life, where I used to be taking."

— Kevin, Back on My Feet LA, Alum & Volunteer
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