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Back on My Feet Job BOard


Employment Opportunities for Members and Alumni

We are excited to connect you with the Back on My Feet Job Board! The jobs listed include opportunities sourced by our staff from employment partners, career sites, volunteers and board members. Follow the steps below to get started. 

Get Started Now

Job Board Directions:

Step 1:

Click on the Job Board button below to view the available jobs. While reviewing the listed jobs, pay special attention to the hiring requirements of the role.

Step 2:

If a job listing is with a current employment partner, we ask that you reach out to your Back on My Feet Staff before applying, as they may be able to provide a direct referral to the employment partner.

Step 3:

Apply! Back on My Feet staff can assist you in the application process. If you would like our optional support for job listings that are not with current employment partners, please make sure to reach out to us.

Step 4:

Continue to check back for new opportunities! The Job Board will be updated on an on-going basis.


We Believe in Human Potential

We believe in the inherent potential of our members and alumni. Our team is invested in learning about your unique skills, experiences and work history so that we can source a variety of employment opportunities that may be of interest to you.


A Fair and Equitable Approach

Back on My Feet staff work hard to find employment partners who align with our vision. When possible, our employment partners provide job opportunities that offer livable wages aligned with the geography of the job, and our best partners provide us with better access to job opportunities and referrals. While we understand that each job opportunity will vary in the skills and experiences required, providing livable wages is something that we believe is essential in supporting you on your path towards achieving self-sufficiency.


Connecting You with Jobs is our job

As a member or alum of Back on My Feet, you have exclusive access to the Back on My Feet Job Board. Jobs listed here are employment opportunities intentionally sourced from our trusted community of existing employment partners, volunteers, board members and staff.


Supporting You To and Through the Hiring Process

In preparation for employment, our team works to provide you with one-on-one support and workforce coaching to prepare you for the interviewing and hiring process. We write letters of recommendation for each candidate upon referral and are here to support you and provide feedback along the way about your interviewing strengths and any areas for growth. Once hired, our team keeps open communication with you and our employment partners to help ensure your success and job satisfaction.

Have questions?

Back on my feet staff are here to help.