How It Works

Our communities are critical to our success. And our communities extend well beyond fitness at the morning Circle Ups. Each mentor, workshop presenter, administrator, fundraiser, and donor contributes to the strength of our community and empowers our members to transform their lives.

From Running to Sustainable Employment and Housing

Back on My Feet uses running and community to motivate and support our members every step of the way from homelessness to independence. Our success is measured not only in miles run, but also by how many individuals obtain education, employment, and housing.

New Members
Back on My Feet recruits individuals at homeless or addiction and treatment facilities around the country.
Circle Ups
Members commit to run three early mornings a week. Goals are set and achieved with one mile becoming two, two becoming three and so on, and after 30 days with 90%, their first milestone: they earn the opportunity to move into Next Steps.
Next Steps
Members work with Back on My Feet program staff to develop a personal road map to independence. Each member attends financial literacy classes and job skills training provided through corporate partnerships. Members can earn financial aid to remove barriers to employment and housing such as work supplies, transportation, and security deposits.
Lifelong Support
Members who achieve employment and housing graduate to Alumni but remain a valued part of our community and maintain access to continued support.

Who We Serve

Our members are individuals currently experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless. To join, members must be referred by one of our facility or referral partners. Members range in age from 18 to over 65. 25% of our members are veterans. 53% are African American, 31% Caucasian and 14% Hispanic. Some members have a college education, while others are working on their GED. Most of our members have families, with 60% having children, and we are proud that Back on My Feet is able to help reunite so many of these families.