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How It Works

"The opposite of addiction is connection. Finding connection is what helped me get back on track."

Our communities are critical to our success. And our communities extend well beyond fitness at the morning Circle Ups. Each mentor, workshop presenter, administrator, fundraiser, and donor contributes to the strength of our community and empowers our members to transform their lives.

Our Program

From Running to Sustainable Employment and Self-Sufficiency

Operating in 16 cities nationwide, Back on My Feet bridges the gap between emergency resources and self-sufficiency. Handing each of our members the keys to an apartment is not an effective solution on its own, even if it were financially possible! To truly help someone recover from homelessness and/or addiction, we need to provide the resources and social support they need to:

  • Create healthy routines and coping mechanisms that prevent recidivism or relapse
  • Learn or regain work skills & tools
  • Find sustainable employment
  • Manage finances and build a safety net
  • Secure longterm housing

A 4-Step Program



Back on My Feet reaches out to individuals in homeless shelters and addiction treatment facilities across the country, welcoming them into our supportive community. Members are typically people currently or at risk of experiencing homelessness and/or in addiction recovery. We partner with organizations providing emergency services such as shelter and treatment to identify candidates for our program.

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Circle Ups & Fitness

Circle Ups are designed to bring people together and build consistency through running, walking, or jogging 1-3 miles on a regular schedule. The circle is a place where we navigate challenges together. In addition to physical health benefits and discipline, members are introduced to an open, welcoming community; this support and encouragement is designed to be a catalyst to all other program offerings at Back on My Feet. Circle Ups are made possible by our dedicated groups of volunteers and funding from Corporate Partners to provide gear and basic necessities to members so they can fully engage with our program.

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MEntorship & Resources

Our members collaborate with Back on My Feet program staff to create a personalized roadmap towards independence. Each member is offered financial literacy classes and job skills training. We also provide resources to help members overcome barriers to employment and housing, such as access to work supplies, transportation, and security deposits. Workshops and classes are typically provided by Program Partners whose employees volunteer their time to instruct and work directly with members through practical exercises like building a resume.

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Lifelong Support

Members who successfully secure employment graduate and are considered Alumni but remain integral members of our community. They continue to enjoy access to ongoing support and resources. Many members benefit from job opportunities either with Employment Partners or from the volunteers who populate our job board with opportunities for our community.

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What Our Members Say
Make a Difference

Ways to Get Involved

Help us bridge the gap between emergency services and re-entering society by providing the resources our members need to regain control of their lives, one step at a time.


Directly support our mission to transform lives one mile at a time.


Create ongoing impact in the lives of our members and alumni.


Get guaranteed entry into your favorite or sold-out races all over the world while running for a good cause.

Attend Events

By attending or sponsoring events, you help us spread awareness and raise critical funding for our mission.

Partner with Us

Support our members' success through financial or programmatic support, workforce development, employee engagement and so much more!