COVID-19 Response

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Back on My Feet is still on the front lines,
still helping those experiencing homelessness.

“Without Back on My Feet’s support, there’s no way I’d be where I am today. You encouraged me to keep going. The old me would have been on a binge right now, but instead, here I am, getting a job in a great company. Thank you.”

Back on My Feet Alum

People Helping People

At Back on My Feet, we are one team. We are people supporting people, a community coming together to help each other avoid the backslide and to navigate challenging times. We may not be able to see each other in person right now, but we are still one team. Help us keep moving forward, together.

Pivoting to Respond

The COVID-19 outbreak continues to be top of mind around the country. As we see hiring freezes and layoffs mount, we continue to support our members through phone calls and virtual check-ins and skills trainings, helping them move their lives forward as the economic and health crisis continues. We are also ramping up our employment partnerships and identifying emerging industry needs so that when the time comes, we can help our members move quickly into new jobs. And we are already seeing success.

Our Program at Work

While Back on My Team has always thrived on high-five, hug-heavy, crouched-over-the-computer-together, in-person moments, we are proving every day through this pandemic that our community can come together in crisis to support one another, even from afar. Check-ins by phone, virtual workouts, supportive texts zooming across cities, signs outside windows. We’re still here. Our members are still getting new jobs, still getting the support they need, still succeeding. Support us during this critical time.

How YOU Can Help

Our community is as active as before – we’ve just gone (temporarily) virtual. Attend a virtual eventrun with us, get in touch to offer the professional services our members need right now to learn a new skill or help connect us with a new employment partner. Your support of our program, your investment in the potential of our members, paves the way for brighter, more secure futures.

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