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Our Program

"They kept showing up for me until I was ready to start showing up for myself."

Back on My Feet starts with a run, but builds to so much more. The community and discipline formed in Circle Ups supports members as they enter into the core of our program, Next Steps, where they can achieve training, education, employment, and housing.

How it Works

Overcoming Homelessness & Addiction

Operating in 16 cities nationwide, Back on My Feet has been breaking cycles of poverty and addiction across the country. We believe long-term transformation can happen, but it needs a new approach, one that combines community and accountability to achieve economic stability.

Member Joins
Fitness + Community
Training + Resources
Lifelong Support

To reach that goal, Back on My Feet recruits members at homeless shelters and rehabilitation facilities. Our members begin their journey by committing to run 2-3 days a week. Through our morning runs and walks, relationships that last a lifetime are built, soft skills are developed, and a sense of mutual accountability is fostered.

When they are ready, members continue on with career coaching, financial and digital literacy, and employment resources. Members are considered alumni once they’ve acquired sustainable employment but remain vital parts of our community and continue to receive support for as long as they need.

It is our honor to guide and cheer our members on as they not only start their careers, but also build their credit, purchase homes, and reunite with their families. 

Who We Serve

Our Members

Our program caters to individuals currently facing homelessness or at risk of it. To join, members require referrals from our facility or referral partners. Our members span from 18 to over 65 years of age, with 25% being veterans. Our community is diverse, with 53% African American, 31% Caucasian, and 14% Hispanic members. Education levels vary, from some having a college education to others working toward their GED. 60% of our members have families, and we take pride in reuniting many of these families through the support provided by Back on My Feet.

Our Impact

What We Do, Works.

Since 2007, Back on My Feet has served more than 15,000 individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness and engaged more than 150,000 volunteers and supporters. Our members have run a collective 950,000+ miles and obtained more than 10,000 jobs and homes.




Jobs & Homes





Alumni Stories
Make a Difference

Ways to Get Involved

Help us bridge the gap between emergency services and re-entering society by providing the resources our members need to regain control of their lives, one step at a time.


Directly support our mission to transform lives one mile at a time.


Create ongoing impact in the lives of our members and alumni.


Get guaranteed entry into your favorite or sold-out races all over the world while running for a good cause.

Attend Events

By attending or sponsoring events, you help us spread awareness and raise critical funding for our mission.

Partner with Us

Support our members' success through financial or programmatic support, workforce development, employee engagement and so much more!