January 19, 2016

Accenture’s Day of Service

On Monday, MLK Day, BoMF partnered with Accenture to provide resume and job readiness training to...

On Monday, MLK Day, BoMF partnered with Accenture to provide resume and job readiness training to BoMF residential members and residental members of Clean and Sober Streets (CSS). Monday’s event will be part of a longer series of workshops that focus on resumes, interview skills, and consumer service. The workshop addressed how to build a perfect resume and crafting a cover letter. After a brief presentation by Accenture, BoMF members broke into smaller groups with Accenture volunteers.

BoMF members spent the afternoon working on individual needs. BoMF member Terry felt confident about his resume, so with help from Accenture volunteers Dwayne and Rodrigo, he created a cover letter and practiced a mock interview. Terry, who is in school to become an HVAC technician, was preparing for what comes after graduation and building his confidence as he prepares to enter the job market. BoMF member Sonja was emotional as she described her success of graduating from a telecommunications program on Friday. After taking care of her mother for eight years, she prepares to enter a career. “I’m giving back to Sonja. Getting back out there and experiencing life and not feeling broken.” After setting up a professional email account and many drafts of her resume, Sonja left smiling, saying she felt more confident moving forward.

CSS member James said that he was preparing to get a job as a cashier and appreciated being in a setting with professionals who could give him advice. “I always say I’m a seven because there is always room for improvement, but today, I feel like a 10. I feel much more prepared to get a job.” BoMF member Chris wore a suit to the workshop and said, “It’s all about change. Wearing a suit is about making a change and moving forward.” Chris spent his time working with three Accenture volunteers on perfecting his resume and writing his first cover letter.

Accenture volunteers were fulfilling the mission of the holiday by participating in a day of service. Volunteers had the option of choosing where they would spend the day and many said they choose BoMF because they realize they had support becoming professionals. Accenture volunteer Nicole said, “I was coached and I recognize the importance of all the support I received when I was getting started. I wanted to give back today knowing that everyone needs support with resumes and cover letters.” For many Accenture volunteers, this was their second or third year coming back. Volunteer David said he keeps coming back because of the mission of BoMF and the success it provides its members. “I’m always impressed by these guys who wake up and run. They are motivated to change their lives and I want to help however I can.”

Honorning Dr. King’s legacy, Accenture provided BoMF members with tools for sucess as they prepare to apply for jobs and get back on their feet.

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