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Program Partners

We work with more than 75 organizations nationwide to provide essential employment and housing resources for our members.

Job & Career Training

Workforce Development Partners

At Back on My Feet, our workforce development partners provide our members with the necessary training to build skillsets, acquire certifications, and open up new opportunities in the job market.

Soft Skills

Accenture Skills to Succeed is a custom workforce development program designed to meet our members where they are, building on essential skills to help them in their future careers. Partnering with local Accenture volunteers, our chapters use blended learning style classrooms to build workforce skills in the areas like interview skills, job searching and online identities, internet basics, email training and Microsoft Office.

Cigna Health and Wellness Program is a partnership between Cigna and Back on My Feet and exists to deepen the impact of our Next Steps programming for our members. Embedding Cigna’s health and wellness curriculum into Next Steps allows us to offer workshops on topics like weight management, nutrition, optimizing health, and much more. Additionally, Cigna offers support for members to call in, 24/7, to get answers to health-related questions and get connected to relevant local resources.

Technical Skills

Our program partners with companies and organizations across the country to provide certification and licensing trainings to members to help further their career path.

Partner Trainings include customer service, computer literacy, forklift operator certification, and food handling certification, just to name a few. Below are just a few of the partners we work with for member trainings.

Money Management

Financial Literacy Partners

Back on My Feet partners with various organizations to deliver financial literacy programming to our members. These partners help our members acquire the financial understanding to do everything from managing a daily budget to eliminating debt, saving for goals, and even increasing their earning potential.

Member Recruitment

Referral Partners

At Back on My Feet, we work with homeless shelters and rehabilitation facilities to connect with individuals looking to lace up a new pair of running shoes and be a part of a community to support them on their road to a new home. Back on My Feet works with more than 55 referral partners around the country, including:

Partner with Us to Transform Lives

Support our mission and members by helping us break down barriers through workforce development workshops, financial literacy training, or by referring new members to Back on My Feet.

To become a partner, please contact partnerships@backonmyfeet.org or fill out the form below.