Program Partners

We work with more than 75 organizations nationwide to provide essential employment and housing resources for our members.

Workforce Development Partners

At Back on My Feet, our workforce development partners provide individuals in our program – our members – with the necessary trainings and certifications to build skill sets and open up new opportunities in the job market. Our workforce development partners enrich the experiences of our members and make our Next Steps program so successful.

Financial Literacy Partners

Back on My Feet partners with a variety of organizations to deliver financial literacy programming to our members. We are so thankful for both our many partners, including:

Referral Partners

At Back on My Feet, we work with homeless shelters and other temporary living facilities to connect with individuals who are looking to lace up a new pair of running shoes and be a part of a community to support them on their road to a new home. Back on My Feet works with more than 55 referral partners around the country, including:

Interested in becoming a partner?

If you are a business owner seeking hardworking and committed employees, or would like to get involved in any other capacity, please contact partnerships@backonmyfeet.org or fill out the form here.