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Selfie of Sekou, Back on My Feet New York FundRacer during marathon
"Just decide to do something magnificent for you. It will keep you on the track of seeking the best possible you you can be."

— Sekou, Back on My Feet New York, FundRacer

From Stroke Survivor to Marathon Finisher: Sekou’s Inspirational Journey of Perseverance and Purpose

Sekou is a testament to the power of never giving up.

FundRacing the New York City Marathon is no small feat, but even more astonishing was Sekou had suffered a stroke less than four months prior. Sekou’s recovery was challenging, but he remained determined to run in the marathon and used it as motivation to push himself forward.

Sekou began running during the COVID-19 pandemic. What started as a challenge to run one mile every day during his birthday month evolved into a remarkable 491-day run streak. For Sekou, running is something you have to stick with even through the tough times “Because what you’ll discover is that if you can get past the point where it gets hard, you’ll learn a lot about yourself.”

Sekou discovered Back on My Feet by accident at a race in Baltimore. For him, “To accidentally link up with Back on My Feet at this race was thrilling.” He knew he wanted to be a part of the organization’s mission almost immediately and decided, “This is the one.”

The NYC Marathon was an empowering experience for Sekou. He accomplished a goal many people thought was impossible so soon after his stroke. He also describes the energy of the marathon as being unlike any of the smaller marathons he had run in the past. He felt a strong camaraderie from the people lined up along the route, cheering and shouting. From Sekou’s perspective, “People ask how hard a race is. They don’t ask what you receive from the audience. If they received that, they would be hard-pressed NOT to suit up for a marathon.”

Sekou advises other runners, “Just decide to do something magnificent for you. It will keep you on the track of seeking the best possible you that you can be.”

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Stacey, Boston Marathon FundRacer for Back on My Feet