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Press Release: BoMF Receives $1M from Stand Together Foundation

National Foundation invests $1M in Back on My Feet program.

Back on My Feet is proud to announce that it has received a $1M donation from the national venture philanthropy group and social change platform the Stand Together Foundation. The Stand Together Foundation, supported by Stand Together, is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by supporting the creative solutions of individuals and communities around the country, and they identified Back on My Feet’s innovative and impactful work as a transformative solution. This Stand Together Foundation’s investment will enable Back on My Feet to generate pathways for 100s more people to obtain training and employment opportunities.

“The Stand Together Foundation’s investment in Back on My Feet is a significant opportunity for us to impact more people than ever before across the country,” said Katy Sherratt, CEO, Back on My Feet. “Men and women are struggling with homelessness across the country, looking for ways to change their lives, and our program provides that. Our community supports them, holding them accountable to the goals they set and ultimately providing access to the resources needed to obtain employment. This funding will allow Back on My Feet to invest in our future, helping more individuals struggling with homelessness become the people they want to be and live the lives they want to live.”

While every night in America, half a million people are homeless, many more hover on the brink of homelessness. A major medical expense, a leaky pipe or one lost paycheck away from losing a roof over their head. But here’s where Back on My Feet steps in to help. By using running as a tool, Back on My Feet communities around the country gather on street corners three times a week, running and walking along side program members – those in transitional homeless facilities or in addiction treatment facilities. Empowering members through physical movement and supportive community, their program provides professional training, housing resources, and employment partnerships and resources, putting members on a path towards financial security and stable housing.

Back on My Feet aims to transform the way individuals view homelessness and to empower individuals through the confidence, self-esteem and strength found through running. Since its founding, Back on My Feet has helped more than 7,500 individuals secure jobs and homes with the help of more than 150,000 volunteers and supporters.

To learn more about the transformative work that Back on My Feet is doing, click here, and to see more outstanding work supported by the Stand Together Foundation, click here.

Operating in 13 major cities coast-to-coast, Back on My Feet recruits members at homeless and residential facilities and begins with a commitment to run three days a week. The second phase of the program, Next Steps, provides educational support, job training programs, employment partnership referrals and housing resources. Back on My Feet members have run more than 950,000 miles and obtained more than 7,500 jobs and homes, and the organization has engaged more than 150,000 volunteers and supporters. Every $1 invested in Back on My Feet returns nearly $2.50 to the local community through increased economic output and cost savings.

For additional information, visit www.backonmyfeet.org or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Stand Together Foundation:
Stand Together Foundation is breaking the cycle of poverty by supporting the creative solutions of individuals and communities around the country. Our goal is to help effective, high-performing social entrepreneurs maximize impact—to help them help more—by bringing a business-like approach to the social sector. The result is a vetted Catalyst Network of some of the most highly effective and top-performing non-profits in the U.S. that are helping people in poverty transform their lives. Learn more at StandTogetherFoundation.org.

About Stand Together:
Stand Together empowers people dedicated to helping others improve their lives. Our philanthropic community tackles some of the biggest challenges of our times, including reforming the nation’s criminal justice system, strengthening K-12 education, helping neighbors beat poverty and addiction, empowering everyone to find fulfilling work, and more. We can all make a greater difference by uniting together than by acting on our own. For more information visit, www.StandTogether.org.


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