April works at Bombas, a longtime partner of Back on My Feet and creator of the most comfortable socks in the history of feet. She knew that BoMF was something Bombas really cared about supporting, but it wasn’t until she attended the pre-marathon brunch in 2017 that she fully experienced why. “After getting to ‘circle up’ with the team at the brunch I was inspired and covered in goosebumps.” To April, Back on My Feet is a great equalizer. “When Back on My Feet sets out on a run, the playing field is level. It doesn’t matter what the last year dealt you, where you slept last night, or where you’re going into work on Monday morning. On a 16-mile run we all have the same woes and we are all working towards the same goal… I really love that.”

After the brunch, she knew this was something she had to be a part of. She was inspired, she only wanted to run a marathon if it meant she could do it as a part of the Back on My Feet team. Being a part of this circle is something April has looked forward to all year, and when it came time to sign up for the race, April was one of the first people to claim her spot on the team!

Working towards this goal hasn’t been easy, but with her BoMF teammates by her side, each weekend run, and each mile added comes with memories she wouldn’t trade for the world. She’s even gained some wisdom from her running buddies, like Back on My Feet member, Travis. “One of my favorite memories has been talking with Travis about his experience with running the marathon last year.” Talking through the course and Travis’ experience is not only making her training more exciting but will prepare her in a huge way to take on 26.2 come November!

Running means getting to watch yourself get better week after week. It is so much fun! Back on My Feet promotes self-improvement through running.” To be able to see this self-improvement not only in herself, but also in her teammates on and off the training course, continues to inspire April as she makes her way through the final stretch of training. Whether it is hearing about a new employment goal met, or a funny story from the past week, each weekend brings new things to celebrate and work through together.

Back on My Feet is a unique organization that helps people learn and thrive in a dignified way. I haven’t heard of another organization that cares so much about developing people.” April, your care and support is making this possible. Thank you for all that you do… 26.2 here you come, we’ll be cheering you on the whole way!