Back on My Feet has been very helpful to me. The model works, and it has helped me find work, make new friends, and restart my life.” —  Joseph

Joseph moved to the United States from Cameroon in 2015. A trained architect, he was excited to see  how he could apply those skills in the U.S. But,  Joseph couldn’t find work. To get by, he decided to explore a software business venture in a new city. After the move, his plan was disrupted by terrible luck. His suitcase and computer – all of his belongings – were stolen. Ultimately, Joseph  became homeless. But in a local homeless shelter, he was introduced to Back on My Feet.

In the Back on My Feet morning circle, Joseph found so much more than a welcoming and supportive community. The conversations Joseph had during runs allowed him to practice English, make new friends and build hope.  Running in races with Back on My Feet helped him realize his potential and push his boundaries. In Back on My Feet’s Next Steps program, Joseph gained job readiness skills, refreshed his resume and used financial aid to purchase a new computer.

Today, Joseph works for a screen-printing company and has returned to building his start-up computer software business. Homelessness did not define Joseph.

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