FundRace the TCS London Marathon.

Run the race of your dreams and make a profound impact on the lives of those overcoming homelessness, addiction, or poverty through the power of running. When you join our FundRacing team for the London Marathon and agree to raise $10,000, your run isn’t just a personal journey – it’s a commitment to raising crucial funds that directly shape lives.

Every dollar you raise becomes a catalyst for positive transformation, helping our members help our members with anything from running gear to career training, transportation, or even a deposit to move into a new home.

Ready to turn your marathon into a force for good?

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Marathon Major

The London Marathon is a prestigious Marathon Major and one of the highly sought after races.

Incredible Destination

The route includes many of London's amazing landmarks including Buckingham Palace, The Cutty Sark, Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf.

Love Is In the Air

Couples have been known to get married halfway through the marathon so be on the lookout for wedding dresses!

FundRacing Application

Completing the below form does not guarantee a spot in the event and is not a binding contract. A formal interview will follow.

Questions? Reach out to fundrace@backonmyfeet.org for more information or to skip the application process if you’ve already applied or FundRaced with Back on My Feet!

What IS FundRacing?

FundRacing is a fun way to get a guaranteed race entry into some of the most popular races around the world while fundraising a set amount of money that directly provides our members with the skills, resources, and opportunities to take back control of their lives.

Our members face the harsh realities of homelessness and/or addiction. Getting back on track can seem insurmountable, and often, the hardest step is the first one. But when you FundRace with the Back on My Feet team, you fuel our members’ ambition to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Moreover, in many cities, you have the unique opportunity to run alongside the individuals you support. Hundreds of our members have completed marathons, and some have even completed ultra-marathons!

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What Do You Get When You FundRace?

From cool swag to an incredibly fun community, our FundRacers get the good stuff. And at Back on My Feet, no one does anything alone. Our dedicated staff is on hand to ensure the best experience possible for your race and reaching your fundraising minimum. Check out the full benefits package:

*Your FundRacing bib includes all race registration costs, but does not cover additional costs that may be incurred like travel and lodging.