Baltimore’s Annual Gala & Auction


$ 100


Thu November 15, 2018


6:00 PM

Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor At Camden Yards
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Back on My Feet Baltimore Ninth Annual Bash Benefit Dinner
Wednesday, November 8, 2017

6:00 PM Cocktail Reception and Silent Auction + Activities
7:30 PM Dinner and Program Begin
Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor At Camden Yards – 110 South Eutaw St.
Cocktail Attire + Running Sneakers


Betsy Francis
Vice President and General Manager, Mid-Atlantic States, AT&T

To learn more about corporate sponsorships, contact Back on My Feet Baltimore Executive Director Jaclyn Range at 215.350.4198 or

HEADS, I win. TAILS, you lose!

It’s the Heads Tails 50/50 Raffle!

We want to invite EVERYONE to their feet for this exciting 50/50 raffle!

Volunteers will be selling heart shaped mardi gras beads for $25 each. During the program, everyone with a set of beads will be asked to stand and place their hands on their heads, or their hands on their tails.

Our auctioneer will flip a coin to determine the fate of our heads/tails rafflers. Should he/she flip heads and your hands are on your head, you remain standing. This will continue until a final flip will determine our ultimate heads/tails raffle winner. Winner will take home 50% of the raffle pot!

Be sure to get your beads to play!

To purchase the tickets visit here.

Step on up to the roulette table….the Restaurant Roulette table that is! You’ll  be able to win exclusive gift cards to Charm  City’s  BEST restaurant winners! If the wheel spins in your favor, you’ll  get  to select the gift card of your choice. Gift card values range from $50-$100!


  • Minimum of 4 chips down to spin the wheel
  • $25 per chip, 3 for $70, 5 for $100
  • Place chip(s) on the color(s) of your choice
  • Spin wheel. Win big.

Check back as we continue to update this list of the most generous and delicious Charm City restaurants.

Ready for EVERYONE to win?! Stop by the Balloon Garden to take a pop at winning some really incredible gear! Shirts, hats, socks – everybody wins!

  • $20 to pick up the pin
  • Pop the balloon of your choice
  • Open the piece of paper that drops out to find out what you won!

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