Be badass like Pat.

After graduating college and serving in the Air Force, Pat found themself homeless and struggling with addiction. Pat experienced years of trauma and brutality, both on the streets and in incarceration facilities, and still chooses to be someone who outputs love and support for others.

No one chooses to be homeless. Your gift today will make a difference.

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help our members reclaim critical documents and identification needed to land a job.
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provide a member with 4-6 hours of career coaching.
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cover the cost of enrollment fees, materials, tools, and books needed obtain a trade or pursue a degree.
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help us continue to place our members in new apartments.

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How Pat defines "exceptionally badass."

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“If I took off running, they would let me be, but if I fell back because I was hurting, someone would always walk with me. It’s amazing how symbiotic the Back on My Feet member/volunteer relationship is. I know, because I’ve experienced it from both sides.”

— Pat, Back on My Feet Alumnx

“I used to be on the train watching people going to work and wondering how anyone could do that — be sober and just go to work every day. And now I’ve been working full time for two years, have gotten a promotion, multiple raises, and bonuses. The idea I would do all of this seemed so farfetched for me when I was under the influence, sleeping on a train.”

— Tyrena, Back on My Feet Alumnus

“From the beginning there was this support, this brother- and sisterhood. Those hugs were the first time I ever knew tolerance. Back on My Feet brought me to a place of victory where I could live my life unapologetically.”

— Dexter, Back on My Feet Alumnus

“Back on My Feet surrounded me with support. There’s a community of genuine individuals who I really felt were trying to position me for success. Their true purpose was to help me navigate, to get above and ahead, my dire predicament.”

— Jerome, Back on My Feet Alumnus


Back on My Feet does things differently. We meet each morning to run or walk together. It’s simple and it works. It’s about building good habits, growing resilience, and developing commitment. Self-esteem grows, hope returns, and suddenly the future looks different. Pat says the connection they have with our community “teaches me that my life is worth living.” Give today so others like Pat never have to walk alone.

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