people are experiencing homelessness in the US right now. 31% of those people are chronically homeless.
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Help us change that.

Make a profound difference in the lives of people experiencing homelessness or addiction in your community.

Your donations can...

provide members with workforce readiness workshops.
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ensure a member has safe and reliable transit to and from work.
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provide a member with 4-6 hours of career coaching.
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help a member reclaim critical documents needed for employment.
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"Back on My Feet provided me with great work choices. Choices I didn’t think were possible for me."

— Jose, Back on My Feet Alumnus

"Back on My Feet gave me JOY again."

— Bobby, Back on My Feet Alumnus

With the help of donors like you...

Kevin got clean, dove into healthy living, teaches yoga, guides people entering recovery, and is building new healthy relationships as he volunteers with Back on My Feet.

Jaime found the job he wants to build into a career, maintains his sobriety, stays in touch with his Back on My Feet family, and is able to be there for his own family.

Melvin recovered from addiction and depression, found employment, obtained housing, and is still running regularly at age 62!

Paul overcame 30 years of addiction, found stable employment, purchased a car, and visited family for the first time in over 30 years!

Your gift today disrupts the cycle of homelessness and allows members like Kevin, Jaime, Melvin, and Paul change their lives and futures.

Transform your dollars into life-changing resources and support.

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