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Core Values

We strive to support our members on their journeys by implementing our core values: Be Results-Driven, Be Bold, Be Respectful, Embrace Change, Welcome Diversity, Win Together, Aim Higher.

Be Results-Driven

Goals: Own them, crush them, seek more. Others are relying on you to deliver. Be decisive. Prioritize. Measure and act on what matters most to our vision, operating with speed and simplicity. Own mistakes, learn from them, and do better.

Be Bold

Think BIG. Innovate. Take calculated risks. Be entrepreneurial. Seek to develop new ways we can enhance and grow our mission. Identify challenges, solve problems, create solutions. Take initiative but ask for help when you need it.

Be Respectful

Embody integrity without compromise. Recognize what you can control, what you can’t, and have the wisdom to know the difference. Engage in direct, transparent and respectful dialogue.

Embrace Change

Be nimble, flexible, ready for change. Drive change for the benefit of the vision. Thrive in ambiguity. Take initiative to find ways to harness change and drive innovation.
Be a champion of organizational transformation with members, volunteers, donors, partners and staff.

Welcome Diversity

Seek, encourage, and celebrate diversity as an opportunity to learn and help grow stronger communities. Pursue and embrace diverse perspectives to better move our vision forward. Work together to create an inclusive workplace that values the voice and dignity of every individual.

Win Together

Engage in purposeful collaboration to achieve our vision. Leverage collective genius – embrace the value of colleagues’ expertise and have the humility to tap into it. Cultivate each employee’s strengths and abilities to support the mission. Work as ONE united team across the country.

Aim Higher

Own your journey. Be empowered to drive value to strengthen our vision. Strive every day to perfect your craft. Find the balance you need to excel but also take care of