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From Homelessness in Dallas to Paying it Forward in Boston

“The people in life that glow are the people that are always helping someone else. You can see how special they are. I’m trying to be that. But it’s not about me being better than anyone else. It’s about the people who need the help now that I needed then.”

— Tim, Back on My Feet Alum

Overcoming Addiction Through Healthy Living

“I am diving into healthy living, meaning good sleep, good eating, exercise, volunteer work. I am contributing to the stream of life, where I used to be taking.”

— Kevin, Back on My Feet LA, Alum & Volunteer

Empowering Change: Kristen’s Experience from FundRacing to Mentoring

“Community is so important for those struggling with mental health. Some of our members have not always had support in the past. They are so grateful for the volunteers but I always tell them, ‘You are giving me as much as I am giving you.’ “

— Kristen, Back on My Feet Denver Volunteer