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From Unhoused Veteran to Marathon FundRacer: Eli’s Journey

“I want to help as many people as possible through drug and alcohol recovery. As many as I can possibly help. Inspire other people to become the best possible people they can become in the field they’re in.”

— Eli, Back on My Feet Atlanta, Alum and FundRacer

Running with Purpose: Stacey’s Journey of FundRacing and Community Building

Stacey, Boston Marathon FundRacer for Back on My Feet

“London was such a special experience and also my fastest marathon. Something about running for something bigger than yourself and knowing all the support it took to get here really motivates you. My family was able to go with me and it was so special to have them there. I will always be thankful for Back on My Feet for making that possible.”

— Stacey, Back on My Feet, Boston and London FundRacer

Empowering Change: Kristen’s Experience from FundRacing to Mentoring

“Community is so important for those struggling with mental health. Some of our members have not always had support in the past. They are so grateful for the volunteers but I always tell them, ‘You are giving me as much as I am giving you.’ “

— Kristen, Back on My Feet Denver Volunteer