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Phil’s Inspiring Story of Hope and Redemption

Phil’s accomplishments are remarkable, including running a half marathon and convincing the program to do a 14er (a hike reaching 14,000 feet above sea level). Reflecting on the experience, Phil said, “Those are memories that will last forever. We’ve changed the perspectives of lives of many people of things they can do and achieve.”

— Phil, Back on My Feet Denver, Alum

Empowering Change: Kristen’s Experience from FundRacing to Mentoring

“Community is so important for those struggling with mental health. Some of our members have not always had support in the past. They are so grateful for the volunteers but I always tell them, ‘You are giving me as much as I am giving you.’ “

— Kristen, Back on My Feet Denver Volunteer

From Chaos to Regaining a Life: Albert’s Journey

“When you’re in an addiction, you don’t really care about anything. All of the skills you’ve learned about resumes, careers, and goals goes to the wayside. You’re too busy focusing on survival. When I was homeless, I knew that wasn’t me.”

— Albert, Back on My Feet Denver, Alum