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The connection to Back on My Feet has been so important during the pandemic. Back on My Feet understands while we’re going the safe route and practicing social distancing, we are not practicing social isolation. They have kept up constant communication with the team – holding us accountable for running and exercising on our own, working with us one on one by phone, reaching out with encouragement and having video meetings. Back on my Feet has been a shoulder to lean on during this time.


It all starts with you.

Back on My Feet’s commitment to our members continues, especially during times of crisis. Some of most vulnerable among us in this pandemic are those experiencing homelessness. You can help.

$2,500 can provide a security deposit and first month’s rent to a member securing a new home.

$1,000 can cover most professional certifications so our members can find work.

$500 provides enrollment fees, materials, tools, and books to go back to school.

$250 provides members with basic furnishings for a new home.

$100 provides a public transportation card to ensure safe and reliable transportation to work.

Our members need your support more than ever.

Thank you to our sponsors.

We all want to change the world. Right now, you are.

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