Sara is a Back on My Feet fundracer for the 2019 Boston Marathon. On Monday, April 15, 2019 she will run 26.2 miles to raise awareness for the members of Back on My Feet.  

Boston bound

The road to Boston

Three years ago, Sara decided she was going to run the Boston Marathon. It was on the Boston Athletic Association’s website where she discovered Back on My Feet as a charity partner. After reading more about the program, she felt a strong connection to Back on My Feet’s mission.

In 2014, Sara started running as a motivator to quit smoking. Like many Back on My Feet members, running helped her to overcome a challenging aspect of her life. However, what kept her running was the empowered and euphoric feeling of crossing a finish line. The moment you know all of your hard work has paid off. Ever since, Sara has been on the run.

Although, before Sara’s Boston dreams would come true, she learned about an opportunity to run the Chicago Marathon through Back on My Feet. In 2017, she signed up and got her bib as a fundracer for Back on My Feet. She raised over $7,000.

During that process, she met the members of the Back on My Feet community in Chicago and heard their stories of transformation. She learned how impactful the running component is to providing a support system for members. “It’s like a family!” She recalls.



Finally, Sara was on her way to Boston! Having loved her fundraising experience in Chicago, she guaranteed her spot at the start line in Hopkinton, MA by fundraising for Back on My Feet a second year in a row. This time, raising over $11,000.Despite the less than ideal weather conditions at the 2018 Boston Marathon, according to Sara every step was worthwhile.

In fact, she enjoyed her experience so much so that she is running it again this year for Back on My Feet with the hopes of qualifying. Remarkably, she more than doubled her fundraising efforts from the year prior, raising nearly $26,000! Originally, she set a personal fundraising goal of $15k. But, now that she surpassed it, she is aiming to hit $26.2K in honor of the marathon distance.

For her, the members make the fundraising part easy, “The members are fantastic. Knowing that we’re helping people to literally get back on their feet and know that there is a place for them in society. That’s huge!”


A passion for giving back

Even prior to finding Back on My Feet, service has been an important part of Sara’s life. She makes an effort to help others as often as she can, frequently buying groceries and meals for individuals experiencing street homelessness. Likewise, Sara leads a meaningful career as a registered nurse and business owner of a medical spa. Every day, she assists people in feeling good about themselves on the inside and outside. Just as we do a Back on My Feet.


Sara’s Fundracing secrets

So, what is Sara’s secret sauce to raising thousands of dollars for a good cause? “Start early!” If you’re thinking about fundracing, she recommends going into it already having some fundraising ideas. Much of peer-to-peer fundraising is about creativity and being persistent. Sara credits her fundraising feats to her generous network.

To all those who are torn about signing up to fundrace Sara says, “Absolutely, do it. Running for other people makes your run worthwhile.”


What’s next?

To date Sara has run 6 marathons, but she is far from being finished with the race distance. After this year’s Boston Marathon, she is committed to chasing some big running goals. First, finishing the Abbott World Marathon Majors. Then, possibly running a marathon in all 50 of the United States. Even if she runs a qualifying time at the Boston Marathon this year, she anticipates still  fundracing for Back on My Feet in the future. “To get out there and help people through running and exercise. It’s awesome. I’m going to continue running until I can’t anymore.”



Thank you to Sara and all of our fundracers who dedicate their time, resources and miles to the Back on My Feet program. Without your support, we couldn’t reach as many lives through the power of running and community. We  are grateful to have you on our team. 


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