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"I've recently applied and am interviewing with the Salvation Army shelter as a shelter monitor. I think it's important to give back. The homelessness situation here is very prevalent and perhaps my lived experience of having been in their situation will be inspiring."

— Jamie, Back on My Feet Seattle, Alum

From Isolation to Accomplishment: Jamie’s Inspiring Journey

Jamie, once isolated and struggling with depression, found a new lease on life through Back on My Feet. Reflecting on his time before joining, Jamie shared, “I pretty much kept to myself and was isolated, very depressed. A little overweight. I had been at the William Booth Center for a year already.”

When asked about the workshops that helped him the most, Jamie said his overall involvement in the program contributed to positive changes. He highlighted significant improvements in his activity level and weight, proudly stating, “I’m definitely more active and lost weight. I’m at my goal weight, so this is really good. My attitude is a lot more positive because I’m more energetic.”

Jamie’s list of accomplishments during his time with Back on My Feet is truly inspiring. Not only did he complete three 5ks in a year, a remarkable feat for someone who once faced isolation and depression, but he also achieved two of his three initial goals. “I started with 3 goals: to get my shoulder surgery, permanent housing, and social security, and I’ve accomplished 2 of those,” he shared. “Housing was the main top-tier goal. I had gotten to a point in my life when I was ready to settle down with some permanency.”

Currently, Jamie is actively working towards giving back to the community. He has applied and is interviewing with the Salvation Army shelter as a shelter monitor, emphasizing the importance of providing support to those in situations he once faced. “I think it’s important to give back, the resources I utilized while at the William Booth Center and needed help, the homelessness situation here is very prevalent,” Jamie explained.

Reflecting on the impact of Back on My Feet volunteers, Jamie emphasized the relationships built with people willing to give their time. He described the weekly check-ins as a highlight: “It’s fun to see them and get caught up on their lives. It’s a drawing point of the week to get caught up and check in with each other.”

Jamie’s favorite Back on My Feet memory involved the FitFest, where camaraderie and shared experiences created lasting bonds. He fondly recalled, “We had a lot of fun last year at the FitFest! It was fun to have more people come out to join us and bring lots of goodies.”

When asked about something people might be surprised to learn about him, Jamie revealed, “Probably that I was married and had kids.” It’s a reminder that homelessness can touch anyone, regardless of their background.

To newcomers, Jamie offers straightforward advice: “Stick with it! Be consistent and it will pay off.”

Jamie’s journey exemplifies the positive impact Back on My Feet has on individuals facing homelessness, addiction, and poverty. His story serves as a powerful testament to the organization’s ability to break the cycles that keep people on the streets. Now, it’s our turn to get involved and support this cause. Whether through volunteering, donations, or spreading awareness, we can all play a role in helping individuals like Jamie rewrite their stories. Together, let’s make a difference

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