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"Volunteering with Back on My Feet has broadened my perspective, showing the diversity of homeless profiles and debunking media stereotypes. Engaging with facility residents has fostered empathy, highlighting unique stories and dispelling clichés about homelessness, particularly in San Francisco."

— Melanie, Back on My Feet San Francisco, Volunteer

Running for a Cause: Melanie’s Journey from LA Marathon FundRacer to San Francisco Volunteer

At Back on My Feet, we believe in the power of community, running, and making a real impact in the lives of those experiencing homelessness. Melanie, one of our dedicated volunteers and FundRacers, has a remarkable story to share about her journey with us. In a recent interview, Melanie revealed why she chooses to be part of our mission and how it has changed her life.

Running with a Purpose

Melanie is not just a volunteer; she’s also a FundRacer and an avid runner. What initially drew her to Back on My Feet was the perfect blend of her passion for running and community, “I’m a runner, so it was very appealing to me to be able to run while meeting new people and supporting a local nonprofit.”

Building a Stronger Community

What kept Melanie coming back to Back on My Feet was the sense of community and the opportunity to connect with passionate individuals. She noted, “I always connected so well with the project managers, and it reflects well on Back on My Feet to have such passionate people who work for the organization.” Melanie emphasized the importance of creating a community centered around running, walking, and staying active, which lies at the very heart of our mission. This sense of community has not only bolstered her self-confidence but also enriched her life with meaningful connections.

Life-Altering Impact

Melanie’s involvement with Back on My Feet has had a profound impact on her life. She shared, “It encouraged me to launch my own nonprofit that also works with people recovering from homelessness to connect them with resources.” Her new nonprofit places a strong focus on one-on-one services and helping individuals achieve their employment goals. She actively engages with recruiters and companies to secure placements for members of her organization.

Changing Perceptions

Volunteering with Back on My Feet has transformed Melanie’s perception of homelessness. Her time with Back on My Feet allowed her to see the diverse range of individuals experiencing homelessness and hear their unique stories. Melanie now firmly believes that each story is different, helping her move beyond stereotypes and gain a deeper understanding of the complexity of homelessness.

Advice for Prospective Volunteers

Melanie had some valuable advice for those considering volunteering with Back on My Feet. She acknowledged that the early morning circle-ups might be a challenge for some but encouraged prospective volunteers to give it a try. “Make the effort to get out there, talk to people, experience it, and you’ll come back,” she said. She also stressed the importance of keeping an open mind and the transformative effect volunteering can have on your day.

FundRacing and Building Connections

Melanie highlighted the unique aspect of fundracing at Back on My Feet. Fundraising not only supports the organization financially but also serves as a platform to spread awareness. She found that it forced her to talk about Back on My Feet and her commitment to the cause, expanding her social circles and creating more connections outside of volunteering.

In conclusion, Melanie’s journey with Back on My Feet exemplifies the transformative power of community, running, and purpose-driven volunteering. Back on My Feet offers an opportunity not only to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals experiencing homelessness but also to build a strong and supportive community. As Melanie’s story illustrates, volunteering with Back on My Feet can be a life-changing experience that challenges stereotypes, connects you with others, and enables you to make a meaningful difference in the world. So, why not lace up your running shoes and join our incredible mission? Together, we can run toward a brighter tomorrow.

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