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Back on My Feet New York alum Saxon with his dog
"Hang in there long enough for the momentum of Back on My Feet to take hold."

— Saxon, Back on My Feet New York, Alum

Saxon’s Inspirational Journey: From Homelessness and Addiction to Hope, Recovery, and Helping Others

Saxon’s journey with Back on My Feet began in 2017 when he struggled with homelessness and addiction in New York City. He found solace in attending the morning Circle Ups to run and talk with new people during this time. They became a regular part of Saxon’s life, and the contagious positive encouragement, such as phrases like “Just one more block, just one more block ” during the longer runs, kept him motivated to continue.

With the support of Back on My Feet through guest speakers, resume workshops, and housing, Saxon accomplished many milestones, including earning a master’s degree in anthropology and securing his apartment. He maintains a strong connection to the organization, actively participating in alumni Circle Ups.

“There was some freedom in being homeless. No phone, no bills, no responsibilities. Now I have a dog, a home, and neighbors who don’t want to call the police on me. I’m part of a Dipper’s Club that gets out in the Atlantic in 40 degree water, Co-Founder & Artistic Director for Shakespeare on the Beach, Assistant Director of Peer Advocacy program at The Door, proud owner of rescue dog named Frank, home on the beach.”

Currently, Saxon works at The Door, a nonprofit that assists troubled teens and runaways. He employs the same techniques that helped him overcome his struggles, hoping to intervene and support young people before they face similar hardships. He wants others to know that you shouldn’t judge the organization based on just one run. Others should “hang in there long enough for the momentum of Back on My Feet to take hold.”

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