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"I am diving into healthy living, meaning good sleep, good eating, exercise, volunteer work. I am contributing to the stream of life, where I used to be taking."

— Kevin, Back on My Feet LA, Alum & Volunteer

Overcoming Addiction Through Healthy Living

Meet Kevin, a remarkable individual whose life was once consumed by addiction, despair, and hopelessness. But with the help of Back on My Feet and through his own tenacity, Kevin has experienced a profound transformation and a renewed sense of purpose.

Life Before Back on My Feet: A Descent into Hell

“Life had become hell. Life had become misery,” Kevin describes his life prior to Back on My Feet as a very dark place where his addiction has taken over and he wasn’t always sure he wanted to keep living.

Running Workshops: A Path to Reconnection

Kevin says he found the most impact in Circle Ups and running. He had previously enjoyed a successful career in real estate and fundraising, but addiction led him astray. Running not only helped him reconnect with normalcy but also provided a way to reintegrate into society. It allowed him to break free from the confines of addiction and regain a sense of belonging.

“It helped me see that I could interact with normal society again,” Kevin explained.

Personal Transformation: A Profound Shift

Kevin’s transformation goes beyond just overcoming addiction. He shares, “I am a profoundly different person, and I get that from the reaction of other people. I have become someone you can look to for sound advice.” His journey with Back on My Feet has elevated his sense of self-worth, diminished his obsession with selfish thoughts, and instilled a commitment to healthy living and giving back to the community.

Volunteering with Back on My Feet: Impactful Connections

Kevin’s involvement with Back on My Feet as a volunteer has been equally rewarding. He cherishes his conversations with members during their runs, where he listens to their aspirations. “My favorite is when they share with me what their exit plan is and what their hopes and dreams are. And me being able to get back to them with ‘yeah, that’s totally possible,'” he shared.

Being a constant and stable presence in the lives of Back on My Feet members is deeply fulfilling for Kevin. He witnesses their transformation, as they become more human, more joyful, and begin to rekindle their lives.

Diving Into Healthy Living

Kevin’s goals now focus around incorporating health in all areas of life, “I am diving into healthy living, meaning good sleep, good eating, exercise, volunteer work. I am contributing to the stream of life, where I used to be taking.” In addition to his personal achievements, Kevin is most proud of teaching a mother/daughter yoga class and completing his schooling for drug/alcohol counseling, earning a sports medicine certification, and maintaining three jobs in treatment. His journey has been about personal growth, sobriety, and supporting others in their recovery. (Watch one of Kevin’s Yoga for Beginners class on our Resources page.)

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future with Back on My Feet

When asked about his future, Kevin expressed a desire to continue teaching yoga and meditation, mentoring in AA and NA, pursuing an acting career, and possibly remaining in the treatment field. With Back on My Feet’s support and his commitment to growth and self-care, the possibilities seem endless.

In closing, Kevin shared his gratitude, saying, “Thank you sincerely Back on My Feet. You have been a wonderful opportunity for me, both as a volunteer and a participant.” Back on My Feet is not just an organization; it’s a lifeline for individuals seeking a second chance and a brighter future. Get involved and be a part of these incredible transformations.

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