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"When life gets tough, I don't self-destruct anymore. I keep moving, keep pushing forward."

— Aaron, Back on My Feet Indy, Alum

Resilience Redefined: Aaron’s Journey

Today we’re sharing Aaron’s story. Before Back on My Feet, Aaron’s life was marked by a hopeless state of mind, homelessness, and the devastating grip of addiction. But with our support, Aaron found the strength to move forward and overcome his past, proving that where there’s a will, there’s hope.

Life Before Back on My Feet:

Imagine having a hopeless state of mind, living on the streets, and battling the turmoil of addiction. This was Aaron’s reality before he found Back on My Feet. He’d hit rock bottom, with his family turning their backs on him, and a life marked by jail time and despair. “At that time, I didn’t think there was any hope. But I was wrong. There was,” he says, crediting Back on My Feet for giving him the drive and push to move forward.

The Impact of Workshops

One of the key workshops that transformed Aaron’s life was running. He was out of shape, a smoker with poor lung health, and the early morning commitment from Back on My Feet volunteers was a game-changer. They showed up at 5:45 am, providing the positivity he needed to start his day. Aaron emphasizes, “It was super vital to me, my recovery, and my program.”

Transformation and Self-Discovery

The transformation Aaron experienced was nothing short of remarkable. His desire to keep growing and pushing forward extended to every aspect of his life. He found a healthier way to cope with life’s challenges through running, stating, “When life gets tough, I don’t self-destruct anymore. I keep moving, keep pushing forward.”

The Commitment of Volunteers

A crucial factor in Aaron’s journey was the unwavering commitment of Back on My Feet’s volunteers. They showed up early in the morning, instilling in him the belief that someone cared and believed in his potential. This support played a significant role in Aaron’s personal growth.

Accomplishments and Future Goals

With the help of Back on My Feet, Aaron accomplished extraordinary feats, including running a full marathon just seven months after joining the program. He also regained essential documents, like his driver’s license and birth certificate, enabling him to rebuild his life. Most importantly, he mended relationships with his family and became an active parent, coaching his son’s baseball team. Looking ahead, he’s now focused on beating his previous marathon time and setting new goals.

A Message to New Members

To those considering joining Back on My Feet, Aaron offers this advice: “Keep showing up. Back on My Feet keeps showing up for you. Keep showing up for them. Commit to them, and they will be there for you like they have been for me for years now.”

Back on My Feet is more than just a running program; it’s a lifeline for individuals like Aaron who need a second chance, a supportive community, and the opportunity to regain hope and purpose. Join us in making a difference in the lives of those striving to rebuild their futures. Together, we can inspire transformation, resilience, and hope.

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