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"Before, I didn't have anything to look forward to, but being with Back on My Feet gave me a better start to my morning."

— Martin, Back on My Feet Houston, Alum

How Running and Community Helped Martin Turn His Life Around

At Back on My Feet, we believe in the power of transformation, resilience, and the profound impact of our community. Martin’s journey with us is a testament to these principles, and in a recent interview, he shared his experiences and insights on how Back on My Feet has played a pivotal role in changing his life. Here’s a glimpse into Martin’s inspiring story:

Finding Hope Through Running

Before Back on My Feet entered Martin’s life, he faced significant challenges. He candidly shared, “Running helped me save my life. Back on My Feet helped me recover, especially when I needed an outlet to start over again.” For Martin, committing to early morning runs was not overwhelming; instead, it became a positive daily ritual. The sense of community and the support of his team transformed waking up early into a source of motivation and hope. He added, “Before, I didn’t have anything to look forward to, but being with Back on My Feet gave me a better start to my morning.”

Workshops as a Path to a Brighter Future

Among the workshops offered by Back on My Feet, Martin found the resume workshop to be the most beneficial. It marked the beginning of his journey to new beginnings, providing him with essential skills for reentering the workforce. Additionally, the credit management workshop educated him on building and managing credit, highlighting its significance in achieving financial stability.

Positive Transformation in Mind and Body

Through his dedication to running and the support of Back on My Feet, Martin experienced remarkable changes in himself, including significant weight loss. Beyond the physical transformation, Martin’s mental and emotional well-being improved significantly. He added, “I feel so much better mentally, physically, and emotionally. It’s been eight months since I smoked, and I’ve been sober since. Now, I feel more energized with a positive mindset.”

Accomplishments and Future Goals

Martin’s journey with Back on My Feet is marked by significant achievements, including completing multiple 5K runs with the Back on My Feet team. These accomplishments reflect not only his dedication but also the strength of the community that surrounds him. Looking forward, Martin plans to leverage the guidance and support he’s received to transition out of the facility and continue building a brighter future.

The Impact of Back on My Feet Volunteers

Back on My Feet volunteers have played a vital role in Martin’s journey. He praised the team’s consistency and unwavering support, emphasizing the genuine friendships he’s formed along the way. Martin expressed the profound impact of waking up to smiling faces and warm greetings from team members. Even a simple “Hi!” carries a profound significance in creating a positive and encouraging environment.

A Word for New Members

To new members, Martin echoes a saying often repeated by Chris, their team leader: “Showing up is the hardest part, but if you just show up, the rest will be easy.” Martin’s advice is simple yet powerful: “Just show up, give it a try!”

Martin’s journey with Back on My Feet is a testament to the transformative power of community, determination, and the unwavering support offered by our organization. If you’re considering getting involved with Back on My Feet as a volunteer, partner, FundRacer, or any other way, take Martin’s words to heart—show up, give it a try, and help us make moves that matter.

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