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"Community is so important for those struggling with mental health. Some of our members have not always had support in the past. They are so grateful for the volunteers but I always tell them, 'You are giving me as much as I am giving you.' "

— Kristen, Back on My Feet Denver Volunteer

Empowering Change: Kristen’s Experience from FundRacing to Mentoring

At Back on My Feet, our incredible volunteers are the backbone of our organization, and they bring their unique skills and passions to make a difference in the lives of our members. Kristen, a dedicated volunteer, shares her inspiring journey and sheds light on why volunteering with Back on My Feet is so rewarding:

A Passion for Running and Giving Back

Kristen’s involvement started with her employer, Accenture, a company that values community engagement and partners with Back on My Feet. Kristen recalls, “I am passionate about running, so that was a natural fit, whether it was morning Circle Ups, events, or FundRacing. That keeps me really engaged with Back on My Feet.” Her love for running became a powerful tool to connect with members and support them in their journey towards recovery and stability.

The Impact of Volunteering on Kristen’s Life

Volunteering with Back on My Feet has not only impacted the lives of our members but also enriched Kristen’s life in profound ways. Kristen emphasizes the therapeutic nature of running and how it provides accountability and mental well-being. She shares, “Running is my therapy. Running is accountability and is very therapeutic to get outside and stay healthy and active. It’s very easy for me to run with BoMF members. Community is so important for those struggling with mental health.”

Kristen also highlights the mutual benefits of volunteering, stating, “[Members] are so grateful for the volunteers, but I always tell them, ‘You are giving me as much as I am giving you.’ It’s a very healthy way of living.” Volunteering with Back on My Feet has reinforced the importance of community and support in the lives of those facing homelessness and mental health challenges.

Advice for Prospective Volunteers

For those considering volunteering with Back on My Feet, Kristen suggests, “Choose what you like to do. If you’re a runner, there’s a natural fit for running. If you like presenting or being a career coach, there’s one-on-one mentoring.” Kristen emphasizes that there’s a role for anyone, regardless of their interests or abilities. She encourages prospective volunteers to engage in activities they genuinely enjoy, whether it’s running, mentoring, or providing career guidance. Kristen also highlights the inclusivity of our program, mentioning that walking is just as valuable as running, and every step counts.

A Proud Member Moment: Albert’s Success Story

One of Kristen’s most cherished moments involves her mentee, Albert, whose journey from homelessness to a thriving career left a lasting impact. Kristen recalls, “I was so proud when he got his first job. That moment when he was employed and he shared it with me made me feel so good.” Albert’s determination and commitment to fitness and personal growth inspired Kristen. She witnessed his journey step by step, from attending workshops to networking and securing employment.

Albert’s success story is a testament to the power of mentorship and the transformation that is possible through Back on My Feet. Kristen’s experience with Albert reaffirms the organization’s mission and the profound difference volunteers can make in the lives of our members.

If Kristen’s story has inspired you, we invite you to join us in making a positive impact in your community. Whether you’re a runner, a mentor, or someone with unique skills to share, Back on My Feet welcomes volunteers who are ready to help individuals experiencing homelessness rewrite their stories of hope and resilience. Kristen’s words remind us that volunteering not only changes the lives of our members but also enriches our own. Make a difference today and be a part of our incredible volunteer community!

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