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"Stay consistent, trust the process, and your hard work will pay off. Back on My Feet can give support in many, many different paths to what you want to do."

— Shane, Back on My Feet Denver Alum

From Extradition to State-Certified Clinician: Shane’s Story of Recovery

In the heart of Back on My Feet’s mission lies the incredible stories of individuals who have faced adversity, battled addiction, and risen from homelessness to rebuild their lives. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Shane, one of our remarkable alumni, and share his inspiring journey.

Life Before Back on My Feet: Battling Addiction and Homelessness

Shane’s life before Back on My Feet was marked by the grips of addiction and the harsh realities of homelessness. He had once enjoyed a stable career working at a car manufacturing company for over a decade, but addiction led him down a different path. He ended up in prison in Texas and later found himself homeless in Washington state. His life was in disarray, and he couldn’t see a way out.

The Turning Point

Shane’s true recovery journey began when he moved to Denver. He had been extradited from Washington, where his case was ultimately dismissed. Those ten months of sobriety provided by the extradition became a lifeline that marked the beginning of his path to recovery. It was during this time that Shane was introduced to Back on My Feet, and it played a pivotal role in his transformation.

Workshops That Make a Difference

Shane highlights the significant impact of Back on My Feet’s workshops and the incredible support provided by volunteers and staff. The financial resources and assistance he received made a profound difference. He received help with his first month’s rent, which placed him in a strong position as he left the program. These resources were instrumental in opening doors for his career and his journey to becoming a recovery coach.

Changes in Self and Lifelong Achievements

Shane credits the program with helping him bridge financial gaps, regain his driver’s license, and acquire certifications as a recovery coach. Back on My Feet was instrumental in Shane’s journey to becoming state-certified as a clinician for addiction counseling. Today, he carries a caseload and serves as the Peer Coach Supervisor for 12 coaches. He has a fulfilling job with a strong sense of purpose, something he once thought impossible. Currently, Shane is focused on financial goals, with a dream of buying a house

Trust the Process: Advice from Personal Experience

Shane’s advice to new Back on My Feet members is simple, “Stay consistent, trust the process, and your hard work will pay off. Back on My Feet can give support in many, many different paths to what you want to do.”

Consider joining our community and be a part of transforming lives like Shane’s. Back on My Feet is a program that doesn’t just offer a helping hand; it offers hope, support, and the opportunity for individuals to rewrite their stories with resilience and determination.

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