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Back on My Feet DC Volunteer Anthony
"Some of the men and women I run with make phenomenal changes in their existence. It really puts your life in perspective to hear the amazing things our members have overcome."

— Anthony, Back on My Feet DC Volunteer

Breaking Barriers and Changing Lives: Anthony’s Inspirational Journey

At Back on My Feet, our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds, but they share a common goal: to make a meaningful impact on the lives of our members. Anthony, a dedicated volunteer, opens up about his journey with Back on My Feet and why you should consider joining our incredible community.

A Passion for Change

For Anthony, volunteering with Back on My Feet is a deeply personal mission. Anthony is not just a volunteer; he’s been a consistent and committed presence since 2014, striving to be an example for those who look and sound like him. His dedication to giving back and providing a relatable role model highlights the essence of our mission.

Enriching Lives Through Volunteering

Volunteering with Back on My Feet has been a two-way street for Anthony. He shares, “As much as I put into Back on My Feet, I got a lot back from it.” This journey became a window of opportunity, a chance to shift his focus away from his own challenges. By engaging a few times a week with people on the brink of change, Anthony found renewed perspective and inspiration.

Shattering Misconceptions About Homelessness

Working closely with Back on My Feet has transformed Anthony’s perception of homelessness. He acknowledges the immense struggles those experiencing homelessness face, particularly the battle against substance abuse. However, his involvement has also exposed him to the incredible resilience and determination of our members. Anthony states, “I’ve seen some of the men and women I run with make phenomenal changes in their existence.” Witnessing these transformations has been eye-opening and humbling for him.

A Member’s Triumph: Trey’s Inspiring Journey

One of Anthony’s favorite memories with Back on My Feeet involves a member named Trey. When Trey first joined, he faced challenges with his weight and a smoking habit, doubting his abilities. However, Anthony vividly remembers Trey’s first half marathon, where Trey surprised himself with his own accomplishments. Anthony expresses pride and awe at Trey’s continued accomplishments, “Now years later he’s been working continuously, has lost 40 pounds, and is a certified trainer. Every time I see him, he’s in a better place in his existence.”

Just Do It: Anthony’s Advice to Prospective Volunteers

Anthony’s advice to those considering volunteering with Back on My Feet is straightforward: “Just do it.” He emphasizes the profound impact that volunteering can have not only on the lives of our members but also on your own. Anthony reminds us that it’s not about which beliefs you hold or which side of the aisle you stand on; it’s about helping others and making a difference beyond yourself. Volunteering with Back on My Feet can be a path to a more purposeful existence.

Join Anthony and Make a Difference

Anthony’s journey with Back on My Feet is a testament to the power of volunteering and the profound impact it can have on individuals and communities. If his story has inspired you, we invite you to join us in creating positive change. Whether you’re motivated by representation, personal growth, or simply the desire to make a difference, Back on My Feet welcomes volunteers who are ready to rewrite stories of hope and resilience. Be part of our incredible volunteer community and help us break barriers, change lives, and inspire transformation.

Disrupt homelessness through the power of togetherness.