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"Jump into it with both feet. It's an amazing organization that does so much good."

— Liz, Back on My Feet Chicago, Volunteer

Volunteering with Heart: Liz’s Journey as an Administrative Volunteer

At Back on My Feet, we are privileged to have a team of dedicated volunteers who bring passion, compassion, and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness. One such remarkable individual is Liz, who graciously shared her story with us.

As an Administrative Volunteer, Liz’s role at Back on My Feet involves responding to emails and actively seeking ways to contribute as a volunteer. “I respond to the person who emails and give them information about where to go online for more information,” she explains, highlighting the importance of streamlined communication to facilitate the volunteer process.

However, Liz’s connection with Back on My Feet goes far beyond administrative duties. In 2017, tragedy struck when her husband passed away suddenly from an undiagnosed heart ailment while on his way to a run. Her husband had been deeply involved with Back on My Feet, evolving from a team runner to a mentor. Liz recalls, “He had 2 or 3 people he was particularly close with. He would help them write their resumes and come up with job ideas. He was very close with these members and worked very hard with mentoring them and figuring out how to get [them] back into society. He got them running!”

Liz’s decision to volunteer with Back on My Feet is a poignant tribute to her late husband’s passion for the organization. “I volunteer in his honor because he was such a supporter of Back on My Feet,” she says. The impact of her volunteer work extends beyond personal healing, reaching her family as well. Liz reflects, “My family is very proud of the fact that I’m doing this and behind me.”

Volunteering with Back on My Feet has become a deeply meaningful experience for Liz, serving as a connection to her late husband’s legacy. “When I volunteer with Back on My Feet, I think about John. I think about him a lot. This is something he was so passionate about, and I get to carry it on in a very small way,” she shares.

Through her involvement with Back on My Feet and other organizations serving the homeless population, Liz has gained valuable insights into the lives of those facing homelessness and addiction. She emphasizes the common humanity shared with individuals who have experienced misfortune: “Working together with these organizations, I’ve come to realize that they’re people just like me. Something went wrong, but they’re human beings just the same as I am.”

Liz offers heartfelt advice to those considering volunteering with Back on My Feet: “Jump into it with both feet. It’s an amazing organization that does so much good.” She highlights the transformative power of running, not just as a physical activity but as a tool for stress relief and a lifelong habit. Liz underscores the significance of mentorship, recognizing that running alongside someone is crucial, but mentoring is the key to making a lasting impact.

In Liz’s words, “That mentorship is so important. It’s one thing to run alongside someone. It’s a skill that can take you through your life. But the mentoring is what really matters.”

If Liz’s story has inspired you, consider joining us as an administrative volunteer. Your support can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those working to overcome homelessness. Together, let’s continue the incredible work that Back on My Feet does for our community. Join us in the journey of making a positive impact—one step at a time.

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