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Stacey, Boston Marathon FundRacer for Back on My Feet
“London was such a special experience and also my fastest marathon. Something about running for something bigger than yourself and knowing all the support it took to get here really motivates you. My family was able to go with me and it was so special to have them there. I will always be thankful for Back on My Feet for making that possible.”

— Stacey, Back on My Feet, Boston and London FundRacer

Running with Purpose: Stacey’s Journey of FundRacing and Community Building

At Back on My Feet, we’re constantly inspired by the incredible individuals who choose to FundRace for our cause. One such remarkable person is Stacey, a dedicated runner who has participated in FundRacing for both the London and Boston Marathons. Stacey embodies the spirit of Back on My Feet, and in a recent interview, she shared her personal journey and why FundRacing with us means so much to her.

A Commitment to Our Mission

Stacey wholeheartedly supports Back on My Feet’s mission because she recognizes the multifaceted approach we take. She said, “I really appreciate Back on My Feet’s approach. Of course, concrete needs are necessary – I also see the need for building confidence, purpose, and working with a community to accomplish goals.” As a social worker with extensive experience in working with vulnerable communities, she knows the importance of hope and confidence. By participating in FundRacing, Stacey hopes to show individuals that there is a community that cares deeply about their well-being.

The Joy of Racing for a Cause

We have had the privilege of having Stacey on our FundRacing teams for both the London and Boston Marathons, and Stacey says she cherishes these experiences. Reflecting on her London Marathon experience, Stacey says, “Something about running for something bigger than yourself and knowing all the support it took to get here really motivates you.” Stacey’s family joined her in London, and she expressed her gratitude to Back on My Feet for making that special moment possible. Furthermore, she formed a lasting friendship with a fellow Back on My Feet racer she met in London, and they continued to support each other in subsequent races.

Running as a Way of Life

For Stacey, running is not just a hobby; it’s an integral part of her life. She explained, “I have been running for about 12 years now, and it feels like such a part of who I am.” The running community has provided her with unwavering support and a strong sense of belonging. Living in bustling New York City, she finds solace in the city’s parks and by the water, helping her maintain mental clarity and focus in the midst of life’s challenges. Running, for her, is a way to redirect her energy toward a goal, stay focused, and take one step forward, even when life gets overwhelming.

Encouragement for Future FundRacers

For anyone considering FundRacing with Back on My Feet, Stacey enthusiastically urges them to, “Do it! The organizers are there to help and provide support along the way.” Stacey firmly believes in Back on My Feet’s mission and vision and encourages others to stand confidently behind it, asserting that “everyone deserves a place to call home and a community to support them in getting there.”

Stacey’s journey with FundRacing for Back on My Feet exemplifies the incredible impact one person can have when they combine their passion with a powerful mission. We are immensely grateful for her dedication and inspired by her commitment to creating a community of support for those experiencing homelessness. If you’re considering FundRacing with us, take Stacey’s advice and join us in making a difference—one step at a time.

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Selfie of Sekou, Back on My Feet New York FundRacer during marathon