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"I got a job working at a hospital as a dietary aide helping everyone from new babies to people getting intubated. My job is so rewarding, I'm actually sad when I'm not working."

— Kris, Back on My Feet Boston, Alum

From Unmotivated to Aspiring Registered Nurse

Kris faced a life marked by a lack of energy, motivation, and determination. The shadows of depression loomed. Kris needed a spark, a source of motivation to break free from the grip of despair.

Workshops as Catalysts for Change: From Resume Tweaks to 5K Runs

Kris found solace and empowerment through Back on My Feet’s Circle Ups and workshops. These sessions provided the support needed to address personal goals and challenges. Kris highlighted the impact of a crucial resume workshop that played a pivotal role in securing a rewarding job as a dietary aide in a hospital.

Reflecting on the transformation, Kris shared, “Now my job is so rewarding, I’m actually sad when I’m not working.”

From Thin to Strong, Unmotivated to Aspiring RN

Kris’s journey with Back on My Feet brought about significant changes. Physical transformation manifested as weight gain and newfound muscle. Motivation, goal orientation, self-esteem, and confidence flourished. Kris expressed a deep appreciation for the positive impact of the program on personal well-being.

Despite the challenges of dark and snowy weather, Kris emphasized the commitment to changing running routes, showcasing a determination to keep going.

Proudly listing accomplishments, Kris highlighted obtaining a CNA degree, pursuing a college education, and conquering 5K runs while consistently improving mile times. Looking forward, Kris aspires to climb the career ladder in the hospital, aiming to become a registered nurse (RN).

Volunteers: Pillars of Support in Every Stride

Back on My Feet volunteers played a crucial role in Kris’s journey, providing tangible support and encouragement. From uplifting cheers during runs to practical assistance with transportation and winter gear, the community became a pillar of support for Kris.

For Kris, the cheers during Back on My Feet runs resonate as a favorite memory. The unity in shouting, “Who are we? Back on My Feet! Where are we from? Boston! How long are we going to run? Forever!” embodies the determination and spirit of the community.

Advice to New Members: Keep Showing Up, Keep Breathing

In offering advice to new members, Kris emphasized the importance of persistence. “Keep coming. Keep showing up. If I can do this, you can do this,” Kris encouraged, underlining the universality of the program’s transformative potential. Kris’s friend’s advice, “Just make sure you breathe,” serves as a reminder of the importance of taking one step at a time, both in running and in life.

If Kris’s story resonates with you and you want to be a part of a community that uplifts and empowers individuals experiencing homelessness, consider getting involved with Back on My Feet. Your involvement could be the stride that makes a lasting impact.

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