“More riders mean better cities.” Citi Bike, a bike sharing company in New York City, not only believes this mantra but takes action to ensure it comes to fruition.

Recently Citi Bike partnered with Back on My Feet to provide a Citi Bike membership for every BoMF NYC member that is eligible for financial aid. This means that any BoMF member who maintains 90% attendance and has been in the program for at least 30 days is eligible to ‘get wheels.’ “We are a part of New York City so it is important for us to intentionally and effectively engage with the communities we serve.” When BoMF NYC reached out to Citi Bike in 2015 their community engagement program was still in formation, but Citi Bike was still immediately drawn to the mission of Back on My Feet. They were motivated to find a way to engage with the organization.

“We felt our two missions aligned very well.” Much like character development that can come from running, Citi Bike helps foster the values of confidence and self-esteem through independence. The access to Citi Bike gives members the autonomy to travel when and where they need to in a timely manner. While this may not seem like a huge deal, when the unpredictable subway is your only mode of transportation, the opportunity to have control over when and where you go can be very impactful. Subway costs are on the rise, causing the most vulnerable in New York to no longer be able to rely on it for transportation.

“For a population that has often felt excluded, Citi Bike can be a powerful tool that can get you to new neighborhoods and resources, helping to make New York feel like it’s their city again. We’ve seen that having a Citi Bike membership helps many begin to feel like they belong.”

Citi Bike is a resource for all New Yorkers and this partnership is part of making this vision true. Thank you, Citi Bike for your amazing support of Back on My Feet and our greater New York City community.