When the folks at Bottomless Closet, a non-profit that works to reduce the barriers New York City women face in the search for employment, came across Back on My Feet, a few things struck them immediately.

Its mission was similar, the goals were the same, and there was overlap in the communities they served. They knew it was a partnership they wanted to pursue.

“Back on My Feet’s model is really unique, and it really jumped out as something we wanted to be involved with,” Alyssa Rose, a program coordinator at Bottomless Closet, said. “They do things a little bit differently and we thought that was great.”

This spring that partnership became a reality. BoMF NYC is excited to join forces with Bottomless Closet to provide tools and support to its female members in order to help them move forward into new professional journeys.

Bottomless Closet offers a wide range of services that includes access to professional clothing and accessories, resume building and interview prep, and employment workshops all geared toward to giving its members the confidence and the ability to succeed. Going forward, female members of BoMF NYC will have access to these services as they progress through their programs toward employment and self-sufficiency.

“We’re a very welcoming, respecting place, and everyone is treated like a person here,” Alison Zacconi, a communications director from Bottomless Closet, said. “That seems really basic, but they don’t get that everywhere. Having Back on My Feet clients here will really bring strength to our community.”

The opportunities offered by Bottomless Closet add to the already robust set of employment services BoMF NYC provides members. Through our Next Steps program, which members earn with 90% attendance in their first month, BoMF NYC provides educational support, workshops and job training programs, and corporate partnership referrals which all help serve to break down barriers to independence. Following the completion of the Next Steps program, 90 percent of BoMF NYC alumni maintain employment, 60 percent receive a wage increase and 20 percent earn a promotion.

In forming this partnership, BoMF NYC and Bottomless Closet seek to present opportunities to an even wider range of the New York City community using their shared values and combined resources to make the greatest impact possible.

“It’s not realistic for one group to be able to provide every kind of service,” Zacconi said. “By teaming up together and continuing to specialize in the things we specialize in, I feel like we will enhance a woman’s overall experience together.”